Announcing Road Trip 24!

I’ve got a wild hare about venturing out to meet some of you.  (I also happen to have really wild HAIR today!)

No, I’m not inviting myself to be your house guest.  (I’ll stay in cheap hotels because they provide roaches, awkward toilet paper, and great blog fodder.)

But …

I’ve got a yearning to do a little traveling.

As much as I’d love to visit some of you who live outside the United States, it isn’t really in the budget to travel internationally right now.  (What budget? asks my husband.)

I will confess, however, I have a tentative plan to visit both Australia and New Zealand in late 2013 or early 2014.  I’ve had dreams of an extended Australia/New Zealand trip for years!

I think my recent trip up the coast gave me a severe case of Travel Bug-itis!

Window view of the Bacara Resort, north of Santa Barbara.

To begin,

My friend, Nike, and I are planning a trip to San Francisco (and surrounding areas) around the first weekend in March.  (We’re still working out the details, but the trip is ON.)

I do have things I need to attend to during part of my time up north, but I’d love to meet any of you who are available.

Also, some of you have written to me and suggested you live in an ideal place for me to fulfill my bucket-list wish to see fireflies.

Seeing a firefly is my biggest goal for the summer of 2012.

I’ve gone my whole life and never seen a firefly – something’s got to change, right?

If you’re serious about sharing your fireflies with me – let me know, and let’s see if we can pick a date to make it happen.

Where else am I going to visit?

I don’t know yet – that’s where you come in.

I’ll be going to locations I can either drive to, or locations I can (hopefully) use “free miles” to fly to.  (“Free miles” are probably available in most areas of the U.S., thanks to my husband’s extensive business travel.)

I imagine most of my trips will be weekend, or long weekend, trips.

I’ll be trying to get some good photography time, meet a few readers, and (I’m sure) have a few fun adventures.

(If you invite me to visit your location, you won’t have to entertain me the entire time I’m there.  I’m very good at exploring new places on my own.  I’ll also, most definitely, want some time out-and-about with my camera.)

I’ll be blogging about, and sharing photos of, my Road Trip 24 adventures.

How often will I be venturing out?

My goal is to do a mini-trip every four to six weeks – depending on how much my real life needs me.  (Or how many trips I can get out of “free” miles?)

So ….

If you want me to visit:

 Let me know I’m (really/sincerely) invited.

 Let me know some dates/or the best time to come:   June for fireflies/July for Fireworks/May for misty river photography/Halloween for the neighborhood block party, etc.

 Give me a general idea of why I should pick your location:  Food!/Wine!/Fireflies!/Cows!/Beaches!/Farm land!/Photo Walk Scheduled/Etc.

I can hardly wait!

Remember – one trip is already scheduled:  I’ll be in the San Francisco area the first weekend in March!

Now it’s your turn ….

Should I come visit YOU??

52 Responses to “Announcing Road Trip 24!”

  1. Jess

    Come to AZ and we’ll make a hippie, free-spirited Sedona trip out of it. Late summer/early fall is PERFECTION for photos and red rock weirdos.


  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Mid-June for the fireflies. And there’s Amish country – extremely picturesque. And the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And Lake Erie.

    And my kitchen.

    Do you really need me to tell you the invite is sincere?

  3. Sandra

    You’ll be in my neck of the woods for the San Fran trip then. I’d love to meet up with you! That weekend does have things going on with kid stuff (GS cookie sales, track meets) but I’ll do my darndest to skip away for some of it if I’m able and welcome. 🙂

  4. Rachael

    Well, it’s an awfully long drive to my place BUT if you should ever desire to visit central Texas we DO have fireflies and I can PROMISE you photo ops galore! And I would definitely take you out for Tex-Mex and Margaritas!-Just something to think about! 🙂

  5. vodkamom

    COME SEE ME!! We have BILLIONS of fireflies in the summer!! please, please, please, please come.


  6. dogmother

    I can take care of fireflies, cows, barns, Amish, rivers, barges, fire trucks and more! Did I mention rednecks?

      • dogmother

        First of all, I dislike autocorrect on my iPad. Second, you would have a feast taking photos..conversation overheard in grocery store yesterday: obese mother says to obese daughter, “get me some of that creamer and don’t get that low fat stuff….then go get me a big pack of hot dogs”.

  7. Kathy

    We go to Seaside OR in August every year for family reunion (and where my husband and I got married) it’s as beautiful as Monterey…more so, I think. The cliffs… Cannon Beach…breath taking.

    Anyhow, all friends are invited. Last year I invited a truly crazy buddy and nobody batted an eye. John’s family rolls that way. No matter what, looking forward to your posts!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Kathy –
      My parents live in OR and I am overdue for a visit. I’m not sure yet, WHEN I’ll be up there, but I know I will be. It would be fun if we could coordinate to meet!

  8. Linda M

    Hey, I’m with Vodkamom–billions of fireflies, especially in August. And farmlands, low hills, beautiful sunsets, college town, Amish near here, too, and, did I mention fireflies??
    (I live in the same town as Vodkamom…)

    Can’t wait to hear all about your travels!

      • Linda M

        That would be AWESOME! I don’t comment often, but your blog is one of the few I check every day. (Yours and VM’s are one my very short list!)
        I love your pictures! And your stories. My goodness, you have an interesting life sometimes! Getting a chance to meet you & chat would be icing on the cake. (And hey, why have cake if there is no icing?)
        : )

  9. Tiziana

    Heya…maybe after your trip to Australia/New Zealand, you can plan for a visit in Europe. I’ll take you around Malta 🙂

    Australia/New Zealand is high on my wishlist as well. But I think it will be a while before I can afford it. My husband on the other hand has been for a few days in the States (San Diego) and he loved it. So the US is on the top of his wishlist. For now we’re happy we can afford some travelling around Europe.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I’m getting excited too now that it’s getting closer. I’ve had plans to go for years, but I’ve finally narrowed down WHEN. Saving pennies to make it happen!
      (And meeting you will be a MUST!)
      : )

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Jill –
      I always have trouble commenting on your blog, but I still read along. I’m SURE you have nothing better to do than entertain me!
      On the other hand, if I can work it out – I’d love to make the trip!

  10. LindaP

    Well, you and I HAVE met but I would’nt be opposed to meeting again. NW South Carolina is full of mountains & waterfalls and of course Lake Keowee. Now I can’t cook like Jan but we do have several guest rooms here for you to choose from and the sunrises over the lake are pretty nice. We have an awesome fireworks display right here on our little beach, great neighbors & friends, fun, food oh! and wine 😀 Anytime you are on this coast you are welcome.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thank you Linda!
      I loved meeting you. I will be in North Carolina sometime in the next six months. It isn’t such a stretch to take a road trip from there ….
      : )

  11. Joanne J

    You’re always welcome in Palm Beach, but “season” is over in May. and you are already up to your butt in nip-tucked uppity white women . We have the east coast version, less drama, more anxiety!

  12. sandi

    UTAH? Do you know how beautiful it is here? I know you have a million readers here. I will happily arrange for a party with your fans when you get here. Just promise you will stay with me so we can talk all night!

  13. Alexis (MN)

    Well, we don’t really have beaches, and the fireflies are around but not BILLIONS of ’em but we DO have lakes and we’re where the Mighty Miss begins its flow south. Everything along that river is beautiful I think, but I could be biased.

    We could start you “up north” and drive you south along the river where you will eventually wind up in Ohio if you want to try and coordinate it. I love our state but it really depends on if you want a “nature” hike trip or a visit-small-towns trip. I could help you plan either.

    My DH and I already have Dayton on our schedule mid-May and then we’re driving to Georgia to relax in the mountains so even if you can’t come here, maybe we can coordinate trips!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I doubt if you are “biased.” There is beauty almost everywhere if we just open our eyes and LOOK. I’m going to start working on a schedule in the next week – I’ll let you know as the plan starts to formulate!

  14. Laura Kondo

    Tampa, FL or anywhere in Central Florida. We have the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. Of course if you’re into the whole “theme park” thing you have them all…Busch Gardens, Disney, Universal, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center (just to name a few). Florida is home to many of the nations top rated beaches and state parks. The Florida Keys…our favorite vacation spot is must see for everyone. Bahia Honda State Park, Old Town Key West, John Pennekamp State Park, the Dry Tortugas…all beautiful places with photo ops galore. I rarely leave comments but read your blog daily (well week-daily) and always get a kick out of your “tell it like it is” stories and attitude. No sugercoating and that’s what I find interesting. Needless to say, I love your photographs, I’m an amatuer photography wanting to learn more. So…Florida gets a vote form me of places you should visit.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I would love to go to the Florida Keys. (I’ve only seen the keys from a plane as I flew over!) I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed by all the options. It sounds like I could spend a few weeks in Florida alone!
      : )

  15. Julie

    Is it even possible that I am your only DAILY follower in the Chicago area??? No problem with the fireflies ~ they are every where. The city is a photo op just waiting for you. My guest room is open and so is the wine …

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      No Julie, you’re not my only follower in the Chicago area. People are shy sometimes – especially if it involves making REAL contact with a “stranger” they only know online. Chicago is a beautiful city. I’ve been there several times, but I’ve almost always been rushed. I would love to have a little leisure time to take in the sights and really enjoy the city.


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