CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

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A lot of my friends, in other parts of the country, have fresh beautiful organic produce delivered to their homes.

People rave about receiving their “CSA boxes.”

In case you aren’t familiar with it, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

What does that mean?

Well, the exact meaning varies somewhat depending on where you live.

In general, it involves purchasing high quality, fresh, organic, produce which has been grown locally.

I’ve watched, jealously, from the sidelines.

I grew up with an avid vegetable gardener for a mom.  As a kid, I ate fresh, organic, produce year round.

CSA boxes have always reminded me of the freshly picked produce I no longer have available to me.

(I can’t grow my own produce, even if I had room for a garden in my yard.  I only have one working arm, and it’s the WRONG arm!)

Yes, I DO know we have an amazing selection of produce available in Southern California but, it isn’t the same thing!

Quite awhile ago, I tried to find a CSA program in South Orange County, to no avail.  (I’m sure they existed, but I couldn’t find information on one.)

Recently, however, a friend told me about an organic produce company delivering in my area.

Yesterday, I got my first delivery.

Farm Fresh To You – Organic Produce Box

I was so excited to find my first CSA box on my doorstep.

I couldn’t wait to see what I got.

I signed up for a “regular mixed” delivery once every other week.  I may change what I order (or the frequency of deliveries) in the future, but I wanted to start off with whatever they happened to send me.

I figured a box of surprise produce would “force” me to step out of my normal produce-buying rut.

By the way, a mixed order means the box contains both vegetables and fruit.

(You can order just vegetables, just fruit, different sized orders, more or less frequent deliveries.  You can also customize what you do, and do not, receive based on personal taste, etc.  The entire process is very easy to tailor to your/your families needs.  For instance, I’m highly allergic to blueberries so I specified no blueberries in my purchasing profile.)

So what was in my first box?

Freshly picked organic produce – delivered right to my doorstep.

My first box contained beautiful, fresh:

•  Carrots

•  Red Chard

•  Red potatoes

•  Oranges

•  Radishes

•  Broccoli

•  Collard greens

•  Purple kale

•  Lettuce  (green leaf)

•  One onion

•  Apples

•  Leeks

(I might be forgetting something …??)

Honestly, the entire box full was so pretty and colorful – the red chard, the purple kale, the orange carrots …!

And FRESH – wow!  Produce from the grocery store can’t compare.

I needed help from my Facebook friends to figure out what the collard greens were.  (I have eaten them once before.  I tried them when I visited my son’s college in the south.)

I buy kale every week – but I’ve never bought purple kale.

I’ve never cooked leeks.  (As far as I know, I’ve never even tasted them.)

In other words, I already know the deliveries will get me (and my family) trying types of produce I don’t normally purchase.

I also know, if we come across a type of produce we don’t like, it’s very easy to adjust our order so we don’t receive it again.

My box arrived with a few recipes included.  In addition, I’ve already begun researching recipes on my own.

How fun!

I feel healthier already.

This post isn’t sponsored, but if you’re interested in finding out if deliveries are available in your area,

Or if you want more information,

Or if you want to order –

Here’s the info:

Farm Fresh To You


If you don’t want to order online, you can call (800) 796-6009

19 Responses to “CSA: Community Supported Agriculture”

  1. Mo

    Personally I feel this post SHOULD be sponsered, especially after all the hard work – I’m not kidding 😉 – and I am a bit jealous to be honest, though are you sure they didn’t include some fresh chillis in that box?

  2. karen

    I’ve never heard of this concept before, awesome!… I do have a lot of organic produce available here in connecticut, although in winter it isn’t cheap. Summer, we have it on the farm here.

    Have you ever had Potato Leek soup? Or Chicken Leek Pie? absolutely delicious, both. They are on my blog recipe tab if you’re interested.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I’ve heard of potato leek soup, but I’ve never made it.
      I imagine I’ll be making it SOON! : )
      We are lucky to have abundant produce available year round, but this is SO fresh. I think the prices are reasonable too!

  3. KirstyB

    I love fresh produce delivery! When we were in Las Vegas, we could have a box sent with our milk delivery! Freshest fruits and veggies we’ve ever had!! I loved trying to figure out what we would cook that week with our box!! Haven’t looked into anything like that here yet…but your post reminds me to get my toosh in gear! The other thing I love about living here (MA) is that we can go to farmers’ markets every weekend and stock up that way too!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Oh, how fun – a milk man! : )
      I agree, the produce is SO fresh. Beautiful stuff!
      We have farmer’s markets too – but honestly, this produce looks better than anything I’ve seen at the farmer’s market.

  4. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Ahhhh – that must have been the pic!

    I adore the entire concept of a CSA. In our neck of the woods, it means the farmers sell “shares” of their harvest – the people buying those shares get a portion of the harvest every week, which means fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables all through the growing season. Of course, it also means you take the same risks as the farmer – if they have a bad year, you have a bad year – but we love supporting our local farmers (and the fresh produce), so we have no problem with that. The CSA we joined this year also requires their shareholders to come do a certain amount of work on the farm, which we are really looking forward to.

    I view the CSA boxes as one great big surprise, or maybe a present; you never really know what’s going to be in it. As for the leeks, cook them like onions. Collards are hearty, leafy greens that stand up well to long cooking – saute or braise them (with bacon!! BACON!!).

    Okay, now you’ve made me impatient for our deliveries to begin, but I have to wait until May. 🙁

  5. Diane

    Awesome, Suzanne! Everything in your delivery box looks wonderful and so good for you too!

  6. Denise

    Such a great thing to do if you have it available. Fortunately for us, we have Farmers Markets several times a week in our area which makes it very easy to go buy fresh produce at relatively good prices. It’s all grown in our area or in the Central Valley so we are supporting local farmers.

  7. Missy

    I have a friend here who uses either this or a similar service. Since Bob is changing his diet due to the cancer diagnosis I just sent him the link! Thanks for providing the information and the photo was gorgeous. Perhaps a career as a food photographer?

  8. stacy

    Hi Suzanne: We tried this company last year when they offered a Groupon for 15 dollars to try their 30 dollar box. Actually, I did that twice at 2 different times last year. I just loved getting the fresh produce delivered to my door. The only thing for me is the cost is prohibitive right now. There is also a company that ran a groupon recently that brings fresh garden boxes to your backyard and they plant what you want and switch them out every 3months. I can try to find the name if you are interested in that. They were offering a special a little bit ago.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      It is great to have the deliveries.
      I bought some organic produce at the grocery store earlier this week and I thought the prices were shocking. (And the quality didn’t look as good, either.) It is definitely more expensive to buy organic, though.

      I’ve never herd of the garden boxes. I don’t know if it would be something I could maintain one-armed? If you have time, I’d love to see the link though. You’ve peaked my curiosity!

  9. stacy

    $25 for $50 towards Organic Garden Delivery Services from Harvest to Home in OC & LA
    • Choose the Seasonal Veggies and Herbs You Love • Self-sustaining: No Watering, No Fertilizing, No Labor • Enjoy the Benefits of Eating Healthy Organic Foods • Delivery & Professional Setup included in Service Do you ever wonder where the veggies and herbs in your meals are com

    Suzanne- this deal was from Jan. so Im sure it is not good anymore but the name of the company is Harvest to Home.

  10. Follow-Up Friday | Twenty Four at Heart

    […] •  I’ve just received another home delivery of organic produce from Farm Fresh to You.  (I order every-other-week deliveries.)  This week our box included avocados, strawberries, blood oranges, chard, radicchio, and lots more.  I love it!  (If you missed my original post about this great service and/or want info on a discount code, click here.) […]


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