I Was Propositioned

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I had a funny thing happen ….

One day, I was down at the beach with my camera.

(Shocking, I know – right?)

No Lifeguard On Duty.

I was taking landscape photos when I noticed a group of surfers noticing me.

I’m sure what they were really noticing, was my camera.

People often think I’m a reporter, or someone very important, because I have a professional looking camera.

The surfers kept glancing my way.

Almost immediately, they started showing off for me.

(You’d be surprised how often people ham it up when they see a camera!)

I took a couple shots of them.

Eventually they got out of the water and wandered over.  They wanted to chat, to ask questions about photography, etc.

I explained, I’m really no one important.

They clearly enjoyed the idea of posing for me anyway.

A few of them went back in the water to show off some more.

I suppose, it was a misguided attempt to impress me.

Maybe they thought I’d get an amazing shot and they’d become famous surfing legends.

(Don’t laugh – there’s a lot of surfers in California who want to be/go pro.)

There was one particular surfer who was obviously Leader of the Pack.  He was very outspoken about everything.

He told me outright, he’d like his photo taken.

He was bold, with an overabundance of confidence, and looked to be about the age of my oldest son.

(By “overabundance of confidence,” I mean he came off extremely conceited.)

I took a few more photos, mainly just to humor them.

I eventually thanked the group for the shots and announced it was time for me to leave.

Leader of the Pack asked for my business card so he could contact me to see the photos in a few days.

I gave it to him, not thinking twice.

The entire encounter was not much different than many others I’ve had.

What happened next, was the shocker.

Leader of the Pack pulled me aside and asked if I’d like to stay and have sex with him.

(One of my girlfriends told me she would have given anything to have seen my face at that moment.)

“What???” I asked.

“Sex?” he repeated, sincerely.  His inquisitive, very young, eyes probed mine.

(Did I just say probed???)

“You want to have sex?” I sputtered.

Calmly he said, “Well?”

“I’m married,” I said hurriedly.  And then I, pretty much, ran away.

I was flustered and confused by his unexpected invitation.  I didn’t know what else to do.

Ok, well – technically, I DID know what to do.

I just didn’t want to do it with a total stranger.

Hours later, I was still trying to convince myself I’d heard wrong.

He surely couldn’t have calmly, nonchalantly, asked me for sex?!

Strangers don’t just walk up and ask strangers to do it.

Also, I’m pretty sure he could have gone to high school with my oldest son.

Young BOYS don’t ask middle aged frumpy women for sex.

I know there are a lot of cougars in Orange County,


One of my friends looked at the photos of Leader of the Pack and thought he was very hot.

“His approach has obviously worked for him before,” she told me.

Am I really THAT naive?

I’d like to say I never heard from him again,

But I did.

He sent me emails me for about two weeks.

He invited me to his apartment, repeatedly.

I only responded to his first email.

I sent him the best shot I took of him surfing.  In that same email, I asked him how old he was.

He responded saying he’s eighteen.


Then he asked again,

“Would you like to come visit my apartment?  I’d like to make you dinner.”

I didn’t reply.

Not then,

And not to any of the other emails he sent.

(Eventually he stopped sending them.)

And yes,

I DO have a photo of him.

And no,

I will not be publishing it on 24.

(However, I might bring it with me on Road Trip 24 if you really want to see it.)

24 Responses to “I Was Propositioned”

  1. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    Compliment for you! And so glad you would know what to do. I just about spit my coffee as that side note gave me a great laugh. 🙂

    I think you have handled your proposition way better than I would have.

  2. tonya cinnamon

    TEASE!!LOL I was so hoping you have the hotties pic on here 😀

    too bad you didnt tell him he couldn’t handle YOU ^_^
    this made my morning reading this

  3. Diane

    LMAO… I would have started stammering and stuttering and then laughing profusely had he asked me. But, oh… back in the day when I was young and slightly bitchin’ looking I would have soooo taken him up on it… LOL

  4. LindaP

    OK think of it from an 18 year old California boys perspective. Hot blond chick with a very nice rack and a honkin’ camera lens. Yea, I’m not really surprized 🙂 Hell, I’D be flattered! LOL!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Try as I might, it’s impossible to think like and 18 year old boy. I’m pretty sure he’d spent way too much time in the sun to be thinking straight!
      : )

  5. Denise

    That is so obnoxious of him. He is the type that will be 50 years old and sitting in the singles bars in OC, drunk and hitting on 21-year-olds.

  6. Kathy

    Remember when you were discussing what your blog type was with the people who are working on it? You know the lifestyle, photography, well-endowed men thing? Did you remember to add comedy? I did honestly just spit out my water as I was laughing so hard at your story I about choked on it. Pure awesomeness! And you have such a great way of telling the story!!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thank you Kathy.
      Surprisingly, Amazon has me ranked pretty highly as a humor blog. Kind of strange when I’m not TRYING to be any type of blog – I guess my life is just out right ridiculous.
      : )

  7. Jane

    Suzanne, you’re officially a cougar! I laughed so hard, thinking about how you must have looked when he casually asked you for sex! I had this happen when I was teaching JUNIOR high school. Kids nowadays are from a whole different planet. But doesn’t it kind of feed the old ego?

  8. Stephen

    FRUMPY???? Really? Seriously Suzanne, you need to give yourself a litle more credit. Ask Briefcase, he’ll tell you I’m right. 🙂

  9. Alexis (MN)

    OMG girl! Now THAT’s funny! And, I’ve seen pictures of you and I must say it’s not at all surprising. It’s surprising it hasn’t happened before!

    Sigh – revel in that one – and….way to stand by your man!!


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