Manhattan Beach

My daughter is living up in the Los Angeles area now.

What does that mean?

I’m seeing more of her than when she was at school in Boston. (Yay!)


When she visits, and forgets things at our house, we meet in various places to hand off her stuff.

It gives me an excuse to visit haunts from my childhood in Los Angeles County.

Manhattan Beach Pier

This weekend, we met in Manhattan Beach.

Manhattan Beach is famous for beach volleyball tournaments, in particular the Manhattan Beach Open.

It was a beautiful weekend.

Manhattan Beach Boardwalk

I took a long walk and checked out all the Manhattan Beach rich people/celebrity houses.

A lot of celebrities/professional athletes live in Manhattan Beach.

Did you notice all the seagulls in the above photo?

When seagulls come inland, it means a storm is out at sea.

(This is one of the very important things I learned while growing up in Southern California.)

I think I could be comfortable living in Manhattan Beach, if only someone would buy me an oceanfront home.

Skateboarder on the Boardwalk

I also spent some time on the pier taking photos.

There was one couple I found myself watching for a long time.

The love between them was palatable.

So was the sadness, and sense of –



My imagination kept coming up with versions of what their story must be.

They were lost in each other.

Love and Sadness

8 Responses to “Manhattan Beach”

  1. Linda Tustin

    ahhhh, evocative- good word Jan. Did they know you were there? Your photography is emerging Suzanne. amazing

  2. Jane

    I’m so jealous! As I look out my window tonight, all I see is dirty snow. To live close to the beach must be glorious! Maybe when I retire……

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I never tire of the ocean. Even when it’s stormy, I’m drawn to it. Of course, there are negatives to living here – the high cost of living being one!


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