Phone Conversation With a Friend

Before I get started …

I thought you might like to see what the view from my backyard looked like yesterday.

Snow on Orange County mountains!

I took the above photo from my patio.

We rarely see snow on “my” mountains because of their low elevation.  It’s such a treat when they’re capped by the white stuff.  It usually happens once or twice each year, and it rarely lasts more than a couple hours.

(No snow at my house, just rain and about 30 seconds of hail.)

And on to today’s post —–

Actual phone conversation with my friend, Nike, yesterday:

24:  Hello?

Nike:  Hi it’s me!  I’m SO excited!

24:  You’re excited?

Nike:  I think we should walk around Chinatown!!!  What time does our flight leave?  I’m excited about our trip!  You can photograph lots of things in Chinatown.

24:  Chinatown is fine.  Chinatown is fun.

Nike:  We could learn the history of Chinatown!!  (Very enthused!!)

24:  Um … yes, I suppose we could.

Nike:  You know?  Like how it began and all that.  And you can take PHOTOS!

24:  Sure.

Nike:  I haven’t been there as much as you have.

24:  I know, Chinatown is fine.  Chinatown is always fun.

Nike:  I’m on my way to work right now.

24:  I hope you have a good day.

Nike:  How are we getting to the airport?  It will be COLD up there, won’t it?

24:  I haven’t thought about the airport, I usually drive to the airport.   And yes, it will be cold.  It’s always cold in San Francisco.

Nike:  Your NIPPLES!

24:  They’re coming too!  I’ll be sure to pack them.

Nike:  Your nipples!

24:  Yes, I take them everywhere I go.  Even when it’s cold.

Nike:  (laughs!)  We could get a ride to the airport!

24:  Sure, we can do that.

Nike:  I want to be your photo assistant and meet Thomas Hawk.  I feel like I know him.  Ya know, from reading him on my computer.  He’s such a GOOD photographer.

24:  Yes, he’s really good.  I could get a photo assistant for the weekend to help carry my stuff?


24:  Okay, okay!

Nike:  Because of your arm!

24:  Yes, I need help.

Nike:  I’ll carry your stuff.  And it will be so exciting to watch him.  And you.  And you two doing what you do!!

24:  You might find it really boring?  You might want to do something else for a little while?

Nike:  No!!  It’s very exciting!

24:  Okay ….

Nike:  What are you going to pack?

24:  Pack?  I’ll probably think about packing an hour before I go ….

Nike:  I know, but I’m so excited!  And before you know it, it’s going to be time to GO!  I heard there’s a GREAT store in San Francisco.

24:  A great store?  What kind of store?

Nike:  I’m not sure, but I heard there’s a great store with all sorts of different stuff.  You would like it.

24:  I’m sure I would.

Nike:  I don’t know what it’s called or where it is.

24:  Okay.

Nike:  Well, I’m at work now.  I should probably go.

24:  Okay.

Nike:  I’m SO excited.

24:  We’re going to have fun!

Nike:  I’ll talk to you soon?

24:  Yes, we’ll talk really soon.


Sigh …

San Francisco?

You have no idea what you’re in for next weekend!

12 Responses to “Phone Conversation With a Friend”

  1. karen

    I LOVE San Francisco, haven’t been in a long time. I look forward to your pics!…

    and WOW what a view in your backyard. Lucky girl.

  2. Joanne J

    how come poor Nike comes off as the crazy lady in this post..???? we all know its you thats looney

  3. Elaine

    I just hope you get to go to that store that has all the neat stuff that she doesn’t know the name or location of.

  4. Sandra

    I live in the East Bay I’m still not used to the San Francisco weather. When I bring a sweatshirt, I end up buying a jacket. If I bring a jacket, I end up buying gloves. I’m never dressed warm enough.

  5. KirstyB

    That view is amazing! I would like to wake up to that every morning!


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