Santa Monica, Again

Life is different in California.

Southern California and Northern California are like two completely different states except they’re not.

(I’m so excited to go visit Northern Cal at the end of this week!)

Orange County and Los Angeles County are also two very different places.

Both counties have good things to boast of,

And not so good things (I like) to make fun of.

I’ve spent my entire life between the two counties.

(Well, except for a couple year stint in Northern Cal – thanks to my former employer.)

I’ve shared a lot of information, and photos, of Orange County with you.

I thought I’d share a little bit of L.A. County too.

I love the address of this building.  I SO want to live at One Two Three California.

Do you see the bike on the third story balcony?  Bikes are so much easier than fighting traffic.  The above photo sums up so much about Southern California.  (Sorry about the lens flare and sun glare in the photo – I was shooting almost directly into the sun because I just had to take a photo of this address.)

Living in West L.A. –

Everyone is “in the business,” or wants to be.

Or so it seems, anyway.

Yes, your waiter really does sing/act/dance.

The older man at Starbucks?

He’s a producer/director/writer.

It seems like everybody’s a wannabe except for those who are has-beens.

Here’s something you won’t see in The OC ….

Santa Monica Beach

Can you see the police truck racing down the beach with its lights flashing?  Simultaneously, police cars were racing down Pacific Coast Highway (sirens blaring, lights flashing) going in the same direction.  The police cars on PCH were slowed down by traffic.  The police truck driving down the sand arrived “at the scene” first.  (I’m still not sure what was going on – but it involved a lot of police cars.  The “incident” was on the highway, not on the beach.)

I spend a lot of time on OC beaches, and I’ve never seen a police car racing down the sand.

When I think of L.A. beaches, I think of huge, wide, flat beaches.

When I think of Orange County beaches, I think of cliffs, and coves, and bluffs.

(And yes, I’m making generalizations.)

Have you ever watched the TV show, Private Practice?

They frequently show scenes filmed on the Santa Monica pier.

As a young kid, I used to beg my parents to go to Pacific Park.

Pacific Park – an amusement park on the pier.

A roller coaster, a ferris wheel, arcade games – it’s fun no matter how old  you are.

Making-out (and sneaking alcohol or whatever) under the pier is fun when you’re a teenager.

Not that I would know, of course.

Santa Monica pier is also one of the most photographed places in Los Angeles County.

Santa Monica pier at sunset.

It’s so beautiful.

There are a lot of interesting people to check out, also.

After all, a lot of people in L.A. want to be noticed.

For instance, you don’t see a lot of this in Orange County:

The Patriotic Man?

10 Responses to “Santa Monica, Again”

  1. KirstyB

    WOW….that Pacific Park photo is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the sunset and the way it is glowing on the water…and the little peek of ferris wheel in the corner is brilliant!!

    I also love the sun glare/lens flare on the first photo…makes me feel like I am soaking up the CA sun! 🙂

      • KirstyB

        I’m pretty sure you need to add this pier photo to your purchase tab! 🙂 Pretty please?

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Is that a man? I thought it was an, um, unattractive woman (he obviously needs to do something about the positioning of his backside in his Patriotic speedo).

  3. Sandra

    At my house I have two tween daughters so we saw a lot of that pier watching the show Hannah Montana!

    Looking forward to your pictures from my neck of the woods. 🙂

  4. WebSavvyMom

    –>I LOVE that Pacific Park photo at sunset. Beautiful.
    What pier is the one shown at the beginning (and end) of Indecent Proposal?


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