The Original Heartbreak

When they broke-up, she knew it was a forever break-up.

It felt like someone had stabbed her heart, repeatedly, with a knife.

The anguish was so great, she had to concentrate on just getting through each day.

She learned, in time, distraction was the key to survival.

And yet, even as she tried to keep herself busy every moment of every day –

It still felt as if her heart had been physically ripped out of her chest.

She would schedule activities to keep busy with all day, and late into the night.

She would fall, physically and emotionally, exhausted into bed at the end of each day.

And yet, she knew the entire time,

She hadn’t outrun the heartbreak – despite her best efforts.

Years later, she would look back on that time in her life and still be able to taste the raw bitterness of the moment.

Is there any heartache quite as strong as the despair of betrayal?

Is there any love as strong,

As the one shattered at its peak?

She had found the love of her life.

She felt, from the beginning, like she’d known him before they even met.

He mentioned, several times, their relationship made him believe in the concept of past lives.

It felt so comfortable, for both of them, from the very start.

Their love was so natural.  So complete.  So real.

Together, they were something so much greater than they could ever be apart.

Their connection was emotional, it was spiritual, and it was intellectual.

At times, they almost seemed to have a sixth sense between them.

Physically, they couldn’t get enough of each other.

A glance across the room would send electricity through the air.

One night,

After making love, they went to a friend’s party.

Not long after,

Their eyes connected across the crowded room.

They left the party minutes later.

The urgency of being alone together, out-weighed everything else.

They were living a cliche –

The overused “soul-mates” thing … and more.

And yet, it was real.

Could she be wrong about a relationship that felt so right?

Clearly, he didn’t really feel the same way she did.

If he had, it would never have happened.

Her heart was inexplicably shattered one day.

A mutual friend made a comment about having recently seen another woman leaving his apartment.

She was taken aback, shocked.

Another woman?



They were together almost every day ….

They were together almost every night.

When would there have even been time for another woman?

Confronted, he confessed –

He said it was a mistake.

He said he was sorry.

He said, he said, he said ….

She rejected it all.

There was black.

And there was white.

There was no room for anything else between them.

Certainly not another woman.

Certainly not, as it turned out –

Sex with an old girlfriend who “stopped by.”

(Coincidentally, the same old girlfriend who had been trying to get him back for the last year.)

He pleaded,

He, clearly, regretted his “mistake.”

But –

In her eyes,

He had made his choice.

It was over.

He was devastated, but he had no one to blame but himself.

He didn’t know then,

He would never get over losing her.

Decades later, he would still wish for a chance to go back and erase the chain of events he started.

She didn’t know then,

She’d never feel such a strong, complete, connection with anyone else again.

He was imprinted on her soul.


12 Responses to “The Original Heartbreak”

  1. sandi

    this kills me….. I could hardly even get through it. I know this pain.

  2. pam from ohio

    I think we’ve all experienced the black and the white at some point. In my case it was at a young age, and as hard as it was at the time, it brought me to where I am today. And even though at times I wonder “what if?”, I am happy with where I am. Would not change one thing! Beautiful, real life story!

  3. Kim

    I’ve never been in this situation, but I do know her feeling of him being imprinted on her soul. : )

    Beautiful post.


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