To Infinity and Beyond

Have you seen “infinity” pools?

They’re very popular in Southern California.

They’re also very expensive to build.

The water flows over the edge of the pool and into a (sometimes very hidden) drain to be pumped back into the pool.

(In other words, the water level is flush with the edge of the pool.)

Infinity pools are especially pretty if there’s an ocean view from the pool.

When you’re in the pool, it looks/feels like the water continues right out into the ocean.

Two salt water, infinity, pools – oceanfront.

I took the above photo one night while staying at Bacara Resort.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

3 Responses to “To Infinity and Beyond”

  1. Linda Tustin

    Wow- they should pay you to post that photo. It is snowing here and I wish I was there….

  2. Erica

    What a beautifully designed place. And Linda above is right.

  3. Neeroc

    One of my coworkers built his house on a ridge overlooking the Ottawa River and designed his lap pool to have this edge. It looked wonderful, until you watched the seagulls and other birds land on that edge, use it as a birdbath…and poop.

    He was so grossed out. I may have laughed a lot. *g*


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