What Type of Blogger Are You?

“What is your blog about?” he asks, matter of factly.

“About …?” I hesitate.

Is my blog supposed to be about something?

Do people really find something to say about the exact same topic, day after day?  (After day, after day …?)

His keyboard clicks rapidly, and almost instantly, a graph shows up on a giant monitor on the wall.

I see him blush, even prior to my brain registering the information in front of me.

The monitor takes up most of one wall in the conference room.

There, for everyone to see, is the unmistakable evidence of my blogging expertise.

My most read post?

Well Endowed Men

I am, apparently, a very well known expert on well endowed men.

Search engines, worldwide, recognize me as a top resource for information on men with big dicks.

If I’d had time to answer his question, I probably would have said I have a “lifestyle” or “personal” blog.

I most definitely would not have said I have a blog about well endowed men.

“You also rank very highly for Turgid Nipples” he muses.

“Turgid nipples?” I echo, in an effort to stall for time.

An awkward silence ensues.

“Sometimes I use a little humor in my writing ….,” I offer, in an attempt to break the silence.

“I was told you’re a photographer?” he asks.

“Well, yes – that too.” I answer.

“Hmmmm …,” he says, thoughtfully.

The road to nowhere.  (Photo title:  Mistakes and Regret)

And just like that,

I began a working relationship with a local web design/development company.

I’m excited –

I need help getting this house in order, and I think I’ve found it.

Expect my sanity (such as it is!) to return soon.

10 Responses to “What Type of Blogger Are You?”

  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Well, I consider it, first and foremost, a humor blog – you just happen to write about some of the less fortunate things in your life sometimes (and usually find the humor in them, which is a large part of your appeal). Having said that, if someone *must* pigeonhole you, you have a photography blog – and a damn fine one, at that.

  2. Erica

    Gotta admit, the funny posts pulled me in. Then I noticed how much more you capture in your photos than most people. 😀


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