Are You Tired of San Francisco?

I’m going to share a few more San Francisco photos with you today.

I hope you aren’t tired of me blabbing on and on about my trip up north.

I had intended to tell you how my nipples have recently worked in a positive way towards foreign relations.

Unfortunately, the nipple story will take a little more time to tell than I have today.  (I promise to tell you about it tomorrow.)

So ….

I hope, in the meantime, you don’t mind seeing a few more shots from my trip to San Francisco.

Photo:  Ghiradelli Square singer and street performer, Norbert Yancey

Norbert Yancy has been performing outside Ghiradelli Square for over 40 years.  I remember being entertained by him as a little child.  I can’t imagine Ghiradelli Square without him.  It’s impossible to see him and not smile as he performs songs and/or rhymes.  He’s a San Francisco (tourist) institution.

Photo:  San Francisco – downtown.

I took the above photo on my first evening in town as we (Nike, Thomas and I) walked towards North Beach for dinner.  Mid-walk, I turned around and shot – then kept walking.  I love the action it caught.

(Actually, I think we were on our way to a bar when I took this.)


We did make it to dinner, eventually.

The original “Painted Ladies” – Alamo Square, San Francisco

Not far from Alamo Square, is the famous Haight-Ashbury district.  The Summer of Love was in Haight, and it’s also credited with the birth of the hippie movement ….

Photo:  Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco.  Famous for the birth of the hippie movement.

Not much has changed in The Haight.

If you’re looking for a head shop, you know where to find one.

Photo:  Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge, San Francisco

I posted the above photo of the Bay Bridge on Google Plus and titled it, My Sister Gets All The Attention.  San Francisco natives found the title amusing.  The Bay Bridge is amazing, but we all know the world (and paying tourists) care much more about the Golden Gate Bridge.

Photo:  The Golden Gate Bridge.

When I was a a very young girl (maybe 4?) my parents took me to San Francisco for the first time.  The car trip seemed to take forever.  They kept telling me I’d see the Golden Gate Bridge when we finally got there.  I remember being SO disappointed when I finally saw it.

Why do they call it the GOLDEN Gate Bridge when it’s red??

I had expected a bridge made of gold – all sparkly and glittering in the sun.

Even asked by a four year old child, it’s a common question.  The bridge was named after the Golden Gate Strait which is the entrance into the bay from the Pacific Ocean.

How do you like THAT little history lesson?

(By the way, the actual paint color of the bridge is called International Orange not red.)


It seemed like every time I took photos of random San Franciscans –

Someone was ALSO shooting me ….

Photo:  Thomas Hawk.

Photographers –

They’re a funny breed!

13 Responses to “Are You Tired of San Francisco?”

  1. karen

    Such beautiful shots of a place i haven’t been in many years… thanks for taking us along… absolutely love the painted ladies..

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I haven’t been to San Francisco since I was 17, so no – not tired of the photos yet. (Like I COULD get tired of your photos…)

  3. KirstyB

    Are those the houses from the show Full House?? 🙂 So pretty!

    I never made it to San Francisco when we were on the west coast. 🙁 Looks like I missed out on a lot of beautiful scenery! Must add it to my list of places to visit sometime!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I’m not sure exactly WHICH house it was, but yes it was the exterior of one of the houses by Alamo Square. (The actual filming was done in a studio ….)

  4. Sandra

    “My sister gets all the attention”. ha!
    The Bay Bridge at night is spectacular with all it’s lights. Much prettier at night than her counterpart.

  5. Geogypsy

    I never tire of seeing San Francisco, what I consider the most beautiful city in the USA. And that’s saying a lot from a non-city girl.

  6. zack

    Hi Suzanne,

    Great pictures. Do you mind if I use your photo of Norbert Yancey in an article about SF street performers for my blog? I will credit you and link to your page.



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