Every Woman’s Fear of Breast Cancer?

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Yesterday, I got “the call” every woman dreads.

I was informed my routine mammogram had left the radiologist “with concerns.”

“We don’t want to alarm you, but we’d like to see you tomorrow morning for approximately three more hours of testing.”

The following thoughts went through my brain in a millisecond:

•  Tomorrow morning?  That soon?

•  Soon is good … less time worrying.

•  Three hours?  That’s some serious testing.

•  But wait, I can’t!  I’ve got so much to do for my trip Friday morning!

•  THAT was a ridiculous thought.

•  Shit!

•  It’s probably nothing.

*  She didn’t make it sound like nothing.

•  I’m sure it’s nothing.

•  Pink.  Pink, pink, pink.

Pink flowers.  Pink for breast cancer.

My brain flashed back to the technician who did my mammogram, and the serious frown she got on her face while I was there.

I’ve never had a technician act like that before, and I definitely noticed her reaction.

It isn’t my first abnormal mammogram.

A couple years ago,

I got called back from a mammogram for a “follow-up ultrasound.”  As it turned out, I had a couple small (completely harmless) cysts which were aspirated during a biopsy.

At the time, I swore I would never panic over a “call-back” from a mammogram again.

Most of the time, in fact 90% of the time,

Whatever is spotted as “suspicious,” resulting in a call-back, ends up being nothing.

My brain knows that for the truth it is.

Yet, at the same time, the doubts are there.

Fear grips my heart, even as my brain tries to push it away.

Last year, I had my first mammogram post breast reduction surgery.

I expected a call-back since there was undoubtedly scar tissure, and things surely looked different.


No call-back.

Instead, I got the dreaded call-back this year.

February and March are my body maintenance months each year.

I go to the dentist.  (I’ve NEVER had a cavity!)

I get a mammogram.

I go to my annual gyn check-up.

I get my eyes checked.

I get a skin check.  (Skin checks are SO important for everyone of every age!)

This year, I also had a colonoscopy.

I lead a very exciting life.

I made a “maintenance” joke to a doctor friend recently.

His reply?

It’s all about preventative medicine and early detection.  There’s no question it saves a lot of lives.

Today, I will not be doing all the things on my “To-Do” list for my San Francisco trip.

(I can always buy warm clothes while I’m there, right?)

Instead I will be spending a good chunk of the day at our local breast center.

By the way,

I consider myself very lucky to have a great breast care facility in our area.


I’m hoping, after today, I won’t need it.

40 Responses to “Every Woman’s Fear of Breast Cancer?”

  1. maggie may

    I know the fear… and the disconnect between the stats and your emotions. My husband is always really good with this kind of thing for me…he says ‘you can’t go there until you get there’ and it’s really true. Try to stay where you are, cancer free, and don’t place yourself elsewhere in your mind unless you have reason. xoxo

  2. sulky kitten

    Health scares are horrendous. Hopefully it’s just a precaution – and at least you’re being seen again quickly. Hope it all goes well for you.

  3. Tiziana

    Hope all goes well Suzanne. Hugs and kisses to you xxx

  4. KirstyB

    Thinking of you today, Suzanne! Hoping it turns out to be nothing! Hugs!!

  5. Denise

    I am sending good thoughts to you. I think we’ve all had one of those call backs. I spend a couple months doing annual appointments too. I am about halfway through for this year. Add bone density scans to the list when you hit 50.

    GORGEOUS photo!!!

    Good thoughts……

  6. Editdebs

    Sending prayers and good vibes your way.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I saw that Jill.
      For some reason your blog will never let me leave a comment, but I keep up to date! I’m wishing good things for you too! xo

  7. Suzanne Young

    I just had my mammogram done and I was a year overdue. I got the all clear, but they noted that I had “dense” breast tissue. Weird. Wishing you the best. I am sure it is nothing, and their concern is a good thing to rule out any bad thing. Preventative care truly is a blessing.

  8. Diane

    Yes… it is scary. I had the aspiration thingie happen too during a biopsy in 2008. January is my ‘go to all of my doctors’ month and it’s always a relief to have everything come back normal. I’ll keep your best interest near to my heart today.

  9. LindaP

    Hope they find nothing. Will be thinking of you. Good vibes & karma coming your way!
    (THREE HOURS???? Jeeze.)

  10. Tracy

    I hate getting those callbacks cuz you do “go there”.
    Good luck today!

  11. Missy

    Sending only positive thoughts your way. Oh, and lots of hugs.

  12. Bridget

    Same thing happened to me. I went a week ago, got a call, and going tomorrow for 1-2 appointment. Good luck to you!

  13. Linda

    note to self- overdue for Mammogram. Let us know as soon as you know girl. Lots of people thinking positive thoughts for you here. You are loved.

  14. karen

    Hoping you won’t need it either. My mother is in the process of radiation treatment for breast cancer. They caught it early, good that you go yearly too.

  15. Jane

    I hope everything is OK and that you can now pack for your trip.


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