Follow-Up Friday

Whew – what a week it has been!

Before I get started, I thought you might like to see the inside of my hotel in San Francisco.

I stayed at the Hyatt Embarcadero.

The geometric lines of the architecture are awesome!

Photo:  Taken from the Atrium Level of the Hyatt Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA.

It’s really a stunning building.  (A big thank you to Nike for picking it!)

OK, let’s play catch-up:

•  I got a call yesterday afternoon letting me know my breast biopsy came back benign!  (I felt confident it would, but it was still a big relief to hear good news.)

•  Thank you to all of you who sent positive thoughts, prayers, good mojo, etc., my way.

•  My boob is still sore, but it’s improving quickly.  (It ain’t so pretty all bruised up though!)  And no, I will NOT be letting anyone near it for awhile.

•  Do you hear me, Briefcase??

•  I’ve had the worst dried, cracked, cuticles this year.  Nike recommended a product called Healthy Hoof.  I found it at our local drugstore.  (It was hidden amongst four hundred bazillion other nail products.)  Anyway, it is helping a LOT.  I thought I’d pass the tip on to you.  I imagine one jar of the stuff will last forever.

•  I have more fresh strawberries in my house right now than I know what to do with.  Suggestions are welcome.  (Do fresh strawberries freeze well?)

•  Canon has (finally) announced the 5 DMark III.  Yes, it IS over-priced and expensive.  (It’s a professional level, full frame, camera … but it’s STILL over-priced.)  Camera stores are taking pre-orders now.

•  Yes, I DO still love my Canon 7D.

•  Yes, I’m still taking Moxxor.  Yes, I really DO believe it’s helping me.

•  Yes, I’m still seeing The Neanderthal.  I have to take a week off PT to heal from the biopsy.  I’m sure he misses me more than he can stand.

•  Yes, I really DO believe he’s helping me a LOT, too.

•  My baby is turning 17 tomorrow.  I might die from the shock of it.  How is it even possible he’s so old???

•  My next bit of traveling will be in a couple weeks – and tied to college visits for him. (OMG – how is that even possible??)

•  I’ve only partially unpacked from San Francisco.

•  I love the magazine Real Simple.  I picked up a copy for my flight home this week.

•  I don’t wear a watch.  I always check my phone for the time.  Or I ask other people what time it is, if I can’t get to my phone.  Do YOU wear a watch?

•  Every drawer and cupboard in my house needs to be cleaned out, does anyone with two working arms want to volunteer for the chore?

•  There was the most obnoxious OC woman at the store yesterday.  Someone should make a law forbidding excessive plastic surgery.

•  Someone should make a law forbidding her personality, too!

•  I’m not watching American Idol this season, but I am watching The Voice (at least, when/if I’m home to watch it).

•  Is it just Orange County, or is the whole world on a kick thinking Moroccan (Argan) Oil is a “miracle” treatment for hair?

•  Several of you have asked to see more San Francisco photos – they’re coming!

P.S.  I may have gone link-crazy in this post!!

P.P.S.  I forgot to mention Adobe’s Lightroom 4 is also now out!  It’s a good first step if you’re new to the world of digital photography!

P.P.P.S.  Here’s a photo of Nike taking photos with her iPhone.  (She got some great ones.)

The best camera is the one you have with you!


22 Responses to “Follow-Up Friday”

  1. KirstyB

    Yay for benign biopsies!! 😀

    Strawberry shortcake is always a favorite around here!! Or a strawberry trifle.

    I don’t wear a watch anymore since I always seem to break out where it rubs (maybe a nickel allergy). It drives me nuts!!

  2. Denise

    First and foremost….I am so happy about your results!
    Argan Oil seems to be everywhere. I tried a sample, it’s nice but not OMG awesome.
    We bought strawberries at farmer’s market on Saturday…we eat them plain or use them in smoothies.
    I do not wear a watch anymore either. Too bad because I’ve always liked watches.
    I have read Real Simple for several years and love it. But I get so many ideas from it and never follow through. What does that say about me?
    I’d forgotten about Healthy Hoof. There is also Hoof Maker, I think. I know this because I have horses. I also have terribly dry cuticles so I should run out and get some.
    You didn’t ask me to respond this way but I did anyway:-) Because my dogs woke me up at 4 this morning and I’m looking for stuff to do.

  3. WebSavvyMom

    –>I wear a watch but have mastered the art of reading other people’s watches upside down when I went a year without one.

  4. Judi

    Woohooo!!! So happy about your results. 🙂

    I used to have a whole wardrobe of watches to go with different outfits, but don’t have a single one now. A couple of weeks ago I got to Costco and realized I had forgotten my phone. I was asking everyone and their brother what time it was. Drove me (and probably them) nuts.

    My cuticles are having the same issues. I’ve been using Aquaphor at night, but will have to look for Healthy Hoof.

    I used to get Real Simple but, ironically, it was causing too much clutter in my house. Lots of cute/useful stuff so the pile of magazines kept growing.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thank you!

      I used to wear a watch with changeable straps. Now it sits, gathering dust.
      Aquaphor didn’t work for me … not sure why.

  5. Laura M

    First, so glad everything came back negative, that’s great news!
    As for strawberries, if you like dried fruit, you can always dry them in your oven. They then stay good for a long time, and they come out chewy in the oven.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thank you!

      I hadn’t even thought of drying them! I wonder if my son would eat them that way? I suppose there’s only one way to find out ….

  6. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Yay for benign biopsies! I am soooo relieved for you!

    Strawberries freeze very well, but you won’t be able to eat them just plain afterwards, unless you like mushy strawberries. They will be a nice addition to smoothies or pies or sauces, though. I say yes – freeze the excess!

  7. Missy

    I also have dry cuticles and use Aquaphor every night. It’s great for dried nasal passages (TMI) too. Learned about it from my dermatologist about 15 years ago when my son and I were on Accutane. I also like Solar Oil for cuticles (carry it my purse). And again so happy for the benign results. My tip for the day for you. iPad! Loving mine.

  8. Editdebs

    Yay for good test results!

    I don’t wear a watch–I hate them and feel confined both physically and emotionally.

    My baby turned 17 in January–and I was a wreck. How is it possible for him to be 17? I’m better now, but I’m having a really hard time thinking he’ll be leaving me soon. I’m hoping that my early grieving will mean that I won’t be a complete wreck when he graduates and goes to college. (I can only hope.)

  9. Linda M

    At the grocery store you can buy stuff to make fresh strawberries into awesome jelly. (I forget what the stuff is called. SureJell, maybe?) I always took the easy way and made freezer jelly instead of canning. Insanely simple and SO yummy!

    So glad to hear about the benign biopsy!!

  10. Erin

    It’s not just the OC! I am in arctic Canada (Ottawa) and was at the hairdressers’ today talking about Moroccan oil, and also apparently India oil is great too. I haven’t tried them yet.

    I don’t wear a watch unless I’m out running, and then I wear a Garmin GPS watch. I use my phone for the time too.

    Glad your biopsy was negative!


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