Follow-Up Friday

I’m a mess – my apologies for the scattered-ness of my posts this week.

Pain flare-up, blah, blah, drugs (clearly, not enough of them!), blah, blah!

 First of all, I obviously didn’t communicate clearly yesterday.  I want to make sure you know things aren’t going to change with my normal postings on Twenty Four At Heart.  There will still be posts.  There will still be photos.  There will still be everything there is now.  This blog is my “home” and I promise I have no intention of giving it up.

•  In addition, (not instead of), I’m going to provide a separate page for those of you who want more in regard to photography tips, etc.    It may take a little while.  I’ve got a full plate right now.  If you’re brand new to photography, I really recommend getting Scott Kelby’s book The Digital Photography Book, Volume I.  It’s a good place to start.  You can also read a few of my old  Photography Friday posts to help get you started.

 My long-time reader (and now Real Life Friend) wrote about meeting me in San Francisco!  You can read what she wrote by clicking here.

 My new camera arrived BEFORE 7:30 a.m. yesterday.  I was so impressed!  (It was shipped to me from Pictureline.  I have a crush on them this week!)

Photo:  Special Delivery!  Canon 5D Mark III

 I took my new camera to the beach.  You’re shocked, aren’t you?

Photo:  Surf shop in Huntington Beach

 It turns out there’s a lot to learn and adapt to with my new camera.  I expected some changes, but I think it’s going to take a few outings before I’m completely comfortable with it.  (So many new features!)

The herb garden I planted on Wednesday isn’t dead yet.  (Remarkable!!)

 I’ve just received another home delivery of organic produce from Farm Fresh to You.  (I order every-other-week deliveries.)  This week our box included avocados, strawberries, blood oranges, chard, radicchio, and lots more.  I love it!  (If you missed my original post about this great service and/or want info on a discount code, click here.)

 I’m in love with the art of Elliott Erwitt.  Even if you don’t like taking photos yourself, it’s hard to imagine anyone not loving his street photography.  He’s captured decades of humanity, humor, and history with his lens.  His work is an absolute feast for the eyes.

 Shirt dresses are in style for spring.  I never wear dresses, but I think they’re cute.

 I’m doing a portrait shoot this evening.  I’m planning to use my “old” camera, because I know it inside and out.

 I had a sick kid home part of this week.  I’ve got another sick kid away at college (strep).  Ugh!

 In about a week, I’ll be at Knott’s Berry Farm as an invited “VIP” photographer.  More on that soon.  (Did someone say my Night Owl/Absolutely Not A Morning Person self has to be up before dawn for that?)

•  Are you going to go see The Hunger Games this weekend?

P.S.  If it seems like I’m out of control this week – it’s because I am.

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  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I don’t know if I’ll see The Hunger Games at the movies this weekend. I’ve read all the books and enjoyed them, but Beloved dislikes going to the movies. I may have to wait for it to come out on DVD the way I did the Harry Potter movies.

    Hope the pain flare-up flares down for you soon!


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