I Left My Heart In San Francisco

I’m with another photographer, in San Diego County, doing serious photography stuff today.

(Or, more likely, we’re using photography as an excuse to chat.)

I’ll hopefully have some photos for you soon, of what I’m up to today.

(And yes, I’m trying to be extra careful with my not-so-stable-lately arm.  I need it for an event this Saturday.)

In the meantime,

I thought I’d share a few more random shots from my San Francisco trip.

(Such a photographic city – I can’t wait to return!)

Photo:  “The Rock” – Alcatraz Island

I’ve never toured Alcatraz Island, and I’ve been to San Francisco many, many, times.

I’ve always wanted to, but tickets need to be bought weeks ahead of time.  I think I’m incapable of planning that far in advance.

Maybe next time I visit?

Photo:  The famous Transamerica Pyramid – a hypnotizing pattern.

You know which building is the Transamerica building, right?

Photo:  San Francisco, the city skyline

The Transamerica building/pyramid is the pointy skyscraper.

I can’t imagine San Francisco without it.

Photo:  Sleeping California Sea Lions, Pier 39

Hundreds of sea lions used to hang out at Pier 39.  In fact, at one point, more than a thousand of them called Pier 39 their home.  After 20 years (or so) of “colonizing” the pier, they abruptly left a few years ago.  No one knew why, or where they went to.  I was happy to see a few have returned.

Photo:  San Francisco, downtown office buildings

I love the architecture in the city.

Photo:  Golden Gate Bridge

There’s so much to LOOK at.

7 Responses to “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”

  1. Gaelyn

    I believe this is the prettiest city in America. So much to see. Even when I lived south of the Bay I didn’t get to Alcatraz. Love the hands-on museum. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Sandra

    I LOVE every time you post the San Fran pictures since it’s a city near and dear to me.
    The Seals are fun to look at and listen too. They get NOISY. My kids get a huge kick out of them. I do too!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I took so many photos, I’ll be posting San Francisco off and on for a long time to come, I think! I imagine I’ll make another trip before I get through them all! : )


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