Last Night I Got Thinking

Bliss Dance  – a 40 foot metal sculpture.

I’ve fallen in love with the above sculpture.

She’s located on Treasure Island, in San Francisco.

People were flying a remote airplane around her head last night, which created the lights (thoughts) coming out of her head.

I’ll be up here for one more day,

In the last three days I’ve:

•  Walked/shot the financial district.

•  Met my mentor, Thomas Hawk, for some shooting time.

•  Met his lovely bride, also.

•  Had drinks and dinner with Nike, and the Hawks, in North Beach.

•  Strolled the Farmer’s Market.

•  Hung out at the Ferry Building.

•  Walked The Embarcadero (including Pier 39, Ghiradelli Square, etc.)

•  Been a tourist on the Golden Gate Bridge.

•  Hiked Muir Woods.

•  Shot the Marin Headlands.

•  Realized I’m VERY sunburned – San Francisco WHO KNEW????

•  Met a long-time reader for dinner in Chinatown, and drinks.

•  Admitted I’m already addicted to Blue Bottle coffee.

•  Sat by “the dock of the bay” with Nike, for a quiet morning.

•  Visited Alamo Square.

•  Seen “The Painted Ladies” (old Victorian homes).

•  Spent a few hours in Haight Ashbury.

•  Driven to Treasure Island, even though driving on the Bay Bridge makes me hyperventilate.

•  Hypothetically witnessed someone break into an abandoned building.

•  Hypothetically followed said individual(s) inside – only to find pure awesomeness upon my entrance.

•  Had a blast on a photo shoot with several hypothetical photographers, and one model, in the abandoned building.

•  Realized there’s no way out of the hypothetical abandoned building, and that it’s now pitch dark and we’re all trapped inside.

•  Been able to laugh at my (our!) predicament.

•  Wished for a foot massage that could last at least an hour.

•  Taken lots of photos.

I’ve been so busy since I arrived.

I’m sorry I haven’t had photo editing time. (In fact, I haven’t even LOOKED at most of my photos yet!)

I’ll have lots of fun things to share with you in upcoming days.

12 Responses to “Last Night I Got Thinking”

  1. Diane

    STOP! You’re making my feet hurt!! That’s a whole lot of walking.

  2. Judi

    Glad you’re having such a great time and can’t wait to see the photos! I got a horrible sunburn last time I was in SF, too. It was so cold… but sunny the whole time I was walking around.

  3. Missy

    Besides great photos I predict even better stories!

  4. Laura

    I saw SF had a 4.0 earthquake today…I hope all is well. Did you feel it? Always something exciting wherever you are!

    Love the pic, tired just reading about all the walking. Can’t wait to see more photos!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Yes, I definitely felt it – it woke me up.
      There were actually TWO quakes – both fairly small by earthquake standards.
      (But – plenty big enough!)
      : )

  5. Sandra

    “Met a long-time reader for dinner in Chinatown, and drinks”
    I really enjoyed meeting you and Nike! Looking forward to seeing all your photos too. I showed Todd your San Fran photo from yesterday. He was impressed. 🙂
    Yeah, did you feel the earthquake? I did but thought it was the dog bumping against the bed. Heh.


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