Loopy Is, As Loopy Does (And Strip Clubs!)

It’s been awhile since I’ve been too drugged up to write straight.

In other words, I don’t think I can make sense right now.  I’m apologizing up front.

Or is it upfront?

One word or two?

Or a hyphenated two-fer: up-front?

I can’t remember.

Because of, um, the drugs.

Yesterday evening, as I drove home – south on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway),

I thought to myself, “It’s so beautiful!  I wish everyone could see this.”

Then I pulled over, took a photo, and drove the rest of the way home.

Photo:  Pretty ocean view on my drive home.  (Excuse my lens flare, please!)

As far as the pain meds go, and writing under the influence …

I’ve been in a pain flare up since I went to San Francisco.  (Turns out, taking a bazillion photos in a short time span isn’t so good for my bum arm.)

I maybe could have made it through the experience okay,

But I forgot to take my Moxxor on the trip with me.

And then, once I got home –

I didn’t take it as regularly as I had been taking it prior to my trip.  (Only twice a day instead of four times a day – which would be FINE for a normal person.)

I’m not normal though.  I’m a chronic-pain person.

I know a lot of people are skeptics (I definitely used to be!), but I swear  it (Moxxor) has made a huge difference for me.

I’ve clearly learned now, I can’t be forgetful with it – or I’ll pay the price in pain.

Also, I’ve only seen The Neanderthal once in the last two weeks.  That means all the muscles surrounding my bum arm/shoulder are starting to freak out too.  I was doing pretty well at first, but in the last couple days things have started spiraling downward.

(I’m seeing The Neanderthal again today.  He will hurt me.  And help me.  Sheesh!  That’s the way it always works with that guy …!)

All these things combined, have resulted in a pain flare-up.

While visiting Dr. Painless yesterday, he  suggested giving me an injection.

His exact words were, “Let’s give you a little poke in the butt before things get any worse.”

My response …?

“I’m sure I’ve had bigger pricks in my ass before.”

(Clearly, I didn’t THINK about the words coming out of my mouth when I said them!)

Have you ever seen a doctor’s face explode in laughter?

Literally – EXPLODE?!!

And then watch him try, in a valiant but vain attempt, to recompose his professional demeanor?

(He couldn’t.  He tried.  He really did try.  But then …?  He burst out laughing again.  And again.  And again.)


Anyway, I’m on more pain meds than I have been for awhile.

I’ve been on a “normal” (for me) maintenance dose of various drugs –

But now I’ve had to, temporarily, increase things.

I’ll be, hopefully, decreasing them again over the next 36 hours.

In unrelated news,

I’ve never been in a strip club.

Photo:  Neon signs of strip clubs, etc. in North Beach, San Francisco.

Isn’t the above picture a FUN photo?

I love it because of all the competing colors and lights.  (So much going on!)

I don’t have any neon strip club signs to photograph in South Orange County.

(Things are boring here – ocean views and suburbia.)

I had dinner in North Beach on the first night of my San Francisco trip.  We went to a very nice Italian restaurant.  On our way there (we were walking), we took a wrong turn.  I felt like I was in Vegas, for a minute.  (So many lights!)  That’s when the conversation turned to strip clubs and the fact I’ve never been in one.  This was shocking news to certain, un-named, people I was with.

How did I get from sharing an ocean view with you,

To discussing strip clubs?

It seems like I had other, important, things to discuss with you today.

I don’t remember what they were …

Do you?

Also …..

Have YOU ever been to a strip club?

Am I missing out on an important life experience?

Is it something I should put on my bucket list?

I kinda think they might be kinda EWWW on the inside?


10 Responses to “Loopy Is, As Loopy Does (And Strip Clubs!)”

  1. Diane

    The signs photos is way fun! And I could totally fall in love with seeing that ocean view every day.

  2. WebSavvyMom

    –>Yes, I’ve been but in my City they can’t go topless. I saw MORE in the ladies room/dressing (undressing?) room than what was on stage. I had had a *few* drinks and kept asking the girls in the undressing room, Did you pick this as a career? How much money do you make? Is it true that you all have Daddy issues?
    It’s now a T Mobile establishment.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      They have strip clubs where they can’t take their clothes off?
      Now THAT makes me smile! : )
      (I would ask questions like that too, if I had a chance!)

      • WebSavvyMom

        They wear g-strings and pasties (sp?). We could walk to the one that was nearby at the time and I joked the guys I was hanging out with about going and they called my bluff. Oh well.

  3. Jan's Sushi Bar

    “I’m sure I’ve had bigger pricks in my ass before.”

    And that, my dear, is one of the many reasons I adore you.

    I’ve been to a strip club once; a classy one. I’ll have to tell you about it this June among the fireflies?

  4. Jo Anne

    North Beach 1970 — may have been Big Al’s. A few drinks and a dare and in we went. Must say sitting right up front staring up into the crotch of some out of shape housewife made me promise to never try that again — no matter how much I had to drink. I am sure all these years later the housewives are in much better shape than my 1970’s lady was. I am sorry for your pain, but have got to tell you that you make it sound so funny–pricks in your ass!!!!??? Keep those stories coming–you brighten my day.

  5. DocSmith

    It may not seem strange that, as a male reader, I have indeed been to a strip club. They really aren’t my thing. Nevertheless, on a project in Louisiana one year we were 7 males and 1 female on site for 3 weeks. On the first weekend, we were celebrating a birthday when the boys decided to go to the local club. We only had 2 cars for the group, so I tried to give the female an escape by offering to ride with her back to our hotel. She would have none of it! She proudly announced that she worked in a club for a few years, and I’m ashamed to say I was horrified at the thought. The young lady was not, to put it politely, in shape. Turned out she tended bar. So off we all went. I sat with her in the back of the club while the rest of the reprobates rushed to the stage. This was a topless only club. Strange turn of events – my associate turned out to be like the den mother to the “girls”. Every one of them visited our table for a chat with her. Many bought us drinks, which I understand is contrary to the way the universe should unfold. If sitting at a table with topless women is “action”, I got more than the guys sitting at the stage.

    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


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