Orange Trees, Lemon Trees, and Electric Guitars!

I’m in the process of trying to get an orange tree for our backyard.

I’ve been obsessed with orange trees ever since I smelled yummy, fragrant, orange blossoms at the tulip field.

Yes, there really was a giant orange tree planted right in the middle of the tulips.

This is ORANGE County, after all.

The blossoms smelled so beautiful, I could hardly stand it.

I’ve rarely stopped thinking about orange trees ever since.

(Don’t you wish you were married to me??)

Photo:  Orange tree surrounded by tulips.

By the way, I don’t like orange juice.  I never have.

This all makes sense, right?

I’m trying to figure out where to put another tree, because we really don’t have space left in our backyard.  We have a long-time friend who designs the yards/landscapes of very rich people/celebrities in Orange County.  I called and asked him if he could stop by one night soon for a beer – and maybe help me pick a good spot for an orange tree while he’s drinking it.  (He’s a very good friend, and he’s put up with odder requests from me over the years.)

I know orange trees need a lot of sun.  That’s the problem – I’m running out of sunny spots.

We already have a lemon tree.  It’s blossoming right now and you can even see its first lemon of the season.  It looks like a baby lime right now, but as it grows and ripens it will turn yellow.

Photo:  Lemon tree blossoms and baby lemon!

We used to have a lot of flower beds and also a vegetable and herb garden too.  (I can’t garden with just my left arm.  It saddens me greatly.)

In other, unrelated news, my son had a great 17th birthday over the weekend.

He’s played acoustic guitar for awhile now and really, really, really, wanted an electric guitar for his birthday.

(And also … cheesecake!)

We went to a HUGE guitar store to look around.

iPhone photo:  Guitars in every color!!

We ended up getting him a “beginning” set-up with an electric guitar, and a mini-amplifier.

It’s amazing how high the prices go on guitars!  (Kind of like cameras, I guess?)

He wanted a white guitar, and we found one in the right price range so that’s what he got.

He has not stopped smiling since.

He is one VERY happy 17 year old.

I tried to talk him into getting a banjo instead (because I think banjos are cool).  He suggested, if I like banjos that much, maybe I should ask for one for MY birthday.

I suppose he’s got a point?

(He didn’t like the hot-pink furry guitar strap I picked out either!)

Also, when I suggested this guitar – he just laughed:

iPhone photo:  A psychedelic guitar.

I wish I were older.

I would have made the greatest hippie if only I’d had the opportunity!

P.S.  My house is very LOUD now.

P.P.S.  I played acoustic guitar for years.  Now, I just like to look at all the pretty guitars!

P.P.P.S.  I once dated a drummer and he had really nice arms.  (Is that relevant?)

11 Responses to “Orange Trees, Lemon Trees, and Electric Guitars!”

  1. Alexis (MN)


    When you first brought up the whole orange tree thing you reminded me of something I hadn’t thought about in years. When I was about….I dunno….6….8? We moved into our very first house. We’d lived in a trailer park until then. We had a yard. My sister got to pick out a tree to plant in the yard. I got to pick out a tree to plant in the yard. I picked an apple tree. I named her Nancy. EVERY morning I’d wake up and ask Dad if Nancy had grown any apples. Finally, about a week into Nancy’s life I looked out and there on that bare tree was a HUGE red apple. I went out and ripped it off the tree only to find a wire attached to the stem where my dad had attached it.

    But….for a moment there….I knew what joy was and how being in the presence of a miracle felt.

    Enjoy your trees!!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I love that story!
      My landscaper friend told me he was willing to glue a few oranges on one of my current trees if it would make me happy!
      Ha ha! : )

  2. Judi

    My meyer lemon tree is bursting with fruit. The smell of lemon and orange blossoms is definitely intoxicating!

    You don’t like orange juice, but do you like eating oranges? I love orange juice, but can’t eat the fruit. It’s a texture thing, with the membranes and the stringiness. It’s sad how few orange trees are left in Orange County – glad you are trying to do your part. 🙂

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I really don’t like eating oranges that much either.
      BUT … I love cooking with fresh squeezed citrus of all kinds.
      So there ya go – it will be a tree I cook with mainly! : )

      • WebSavvyMom

        It was just a twig when we first got it. It loves sitting by our southern facing sliding glass door all winter.

  3. Sandra

    Orange trees are great because they never lose their leaves so they’re pretty all year long with or without the oranges. And they smell SOOO good in bloom. We had a huge one at our first house. My current neighbors behind me have one on our shared fence line (which we ‘borrow’ from sometimes). We also have a sad orange tree next to our retaining wall which does belong to us. It needs TLC which it never gets.
    Can you remove a tree and replace it with the orange tree?


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