Proving I’m Easily Excitable (And Also ADD??)

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I had such a great day, yesterday.

It was a beautiful, perfect, warm day.

Photo:  The Orange County coast.

You know how it is –

When a day is so pretty, it becomes impossible not to smile just because.

Here’s a summary of what else went into my great day:

 I went to PT in the morning – which is never fun, but I really needed it.

The Neanderthal asked, “Are you okay?” while he ripped my upper body to shreds.

I answered, “No, I’m not #$&*%!!  It HURTS!”

He nodded and said, very sincerely, “Yep, it does!”

(Then he twisted my arm off into little pieces and left it scattered on the floor.)


But …  I was happy anyway because BEAUTIFUL DAY!

 I came home, and decided I couldn’t wait another minute so I planted herbs in my earthbox.

All by myself!

(By “herbs” I do NOT mean medicinal marijuana.  Although, there’s a thought …?)

Planting a small herb garden might seem like the most boring thing to give you an update on EVER, but –

I haven’t been able to plant a single thing since my car accident five and a half years ago!

(And okay, my “gardening” this year is cheating because other people did all the work for me.  I didn’t have to do much of anything but plop the baby plants into holes and pat a little dirt around them.)

Still …?

It made me SO happy.

Photo:  Cilantro

I have really (!!) missed playing in the dirt.

As an aside, both of my retrievers apparently love the smell of basil and want to eat it.  (???)

 I had a meeting at the bank with a 20-something woman with the worst looking tattooed eyebrows I’ve ever seen.  I spent the entire meeting wishing I could scrub them off her face.  Please tell me WHY women do this to themselves?  All I could SEE when I looked at her were terrible eyebrows.  Also?  She was very condescending and made me seriously think about changing banks.  Just because I came into the bank dressed in my PT clothes (tank top/yoga pants/sneakers) does NOT mean I deserve to be treated in an unprofessional manner.  On the other hand, the entire time she was talking, I was watching her big, thick, dark, tattooed eyebrows move un-naturally on her face due to her over-botoxing.

Yes, 20-somethings in Orange County DO use botox.

 My daffodils are blooming.  How can that NOT make me happy?

Photo:  Blooming daffodil

 I whined on G+ to Thomas Hawk about my future-new camera being backordered.  (It’s a very, very, VERY, long story!  I, along with a zillion other people, had preordered the Canon 5D Mark III within seconds of the product release announcement.)  Minutes after whining about the f*$&ing backorder notice I received, I got an email from Pictureline .  They had just handed a 5D Mark III to Thomas Hawk and had another one in stock.  They were wondering, if maybe I wanted it?  (Not only that, they offered to ship it to me overnight.)

Guess what I’ll be playing with today?

I’ve been waiting for over a year for the release of this particular camera.

I’m overjoyed.  (Thank you for contacting me and the amazing service Pictureline!!)

Receiving my camera today almost makes up for the fact I couldn’t be in Utah this weekend.  (Many of my photographer friends are attending/photographing The Festival of Colors.)

Also …?

Sometimes whining DOES help.

(I know some of you will want to know WHY I wanted this particular camera, why I was in a rush to get it., etc. – more on that at a later date.  Yes, I still love my 7D.  No, I don’t plan to get rid of it anytime soon.)

 Lastly, a lot of you have been writing to me and asking for photography help of one kind or another.  (You thought it was just you, didn’t you?  But … it isn’t.  It’s a LOT of you.)

Of course I want to help those of you who want to learn.  Who doesn’t enjoy sharing their passion?  At the same time, I’ve found myself struggling to keep up here on 24 (and also handle the photography part of my life/business, which has really taken off in the last year).   I hope you can be patient with me.  I’m working with my web designers to develop a separate page (and separate feed) of Twenty Four At Heart which will be dedicated just to photography news and tips.  I will also use the new photography page/feed to post example photos and explain what camera settings were used, why, etc.  People who are interested in photography will be able to subscribe to a separate photography feed, in addition to the current/main Twenty Four At Heart blog.

Readers who aren’t interested in photography will be able to continue reading my normal nonsense, just as they are now.

(Because – don’t we all need a little nonsense in our wold?)

I won’t be posting to the photography feed/page as often as I do here.  (There aren’t enough hours in the day!)  I do think, however, it will develop into a helpful tool for those of you who are new to photography.

There’s more in the works too, but you’ll have to wait a little while before I can announce it.

I’ll keep you up to date as things develop.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll be patient.

I’m being pulled in a lot of different directions right now.

I’m working as fast as I can, but I also want to do things right.

It’s going to take a little time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me for a few minutes –

I’m going to go sit on my doorstep and wait for the UPS man to deliver my new toy!

(Thank you again to  Pictureline – you’re AWESOME!!)

6 Responses to “Proving I’m Easily Excitable (And Also ADD??)”

  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Yeah, those “extracurricular” activities eat up a lot of time you don’t have, don’t they? (Says the woman in the midst of a blog redesign and cookbook authoring.)

    So happy for you about the camera, but even happier about you seeing the Neanderthal! I hope your arm will feel better once he’s swept up those pieces and reattached them.

  2. Missy

    Just throw us a photo once in a while after the switchover please. Love them!

  3. Gaelyn

    You certainly have lots to be excited about.

    I haven’t gardened in years either and miss my fresh greens, especially cilantro. Some herbs do help with pain. 😉

    I am Very jealous about your new camera, yet also excited for you. I’ve been looking at the Nikon D5100 for my first DSLR.


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