Spring Flowers

I was in San Diego County photographing a lot of extraordinarily pretty flowers yesterday.

Photo:  Ranunculus in every color imaginable!

I connected with a photographer friend I met at the Los Angeles Photo Walk.

It was foggy, and beach-misty, in the morning.

Photo:  California poppy

Photographing flowers is actually better when it’s overcast.

(Harsh light isn’t kind to middle aged women OR flowers.)

I love poppies.

They’re blooming all over Southern California right now.

It’s pretty normal for California’s beach areas to have fog in the morning.

After awhile, it warms up and the fog disappears for the day.

The afternoon was beautiful – sunshine and blue skies.

Photo:  Pretty peach colored ranunculus

Sometimes I wish I knew a lot more botany than I do.

Spending a day around so many flowers definitely made me feel very-spring-ish.

Photo:  Spring flowers – so much color!

It was fun to see how many different colors I could “collect” with my camera.

I’ve never seen so much purple in one spot.

Photo:  Very purple flowers

Yes, the flowers really were THAT purple.  (The above shot is almost straight out of the camera – just shrunk down a bit and sharpened for the web.)

Do you have a favorite flower?

Or maybe a favorite COLOR of flower?

22 Responses to “Spring Flowers”

  1. Mrs Catch

    I am fond of Peonies. And lilac. Fower are so beautiful and uplifting. Great shots. Love them all.

  2. Alexis

    You have a gift girl…..always glad to see people using their God-given talents…..for good.


    As always.

  3. Laura

    Pictures are beautiful…what a great way to start my day. I love sunflowers. Visited my brother when he was stationed in Germany. He lived on third floor of this house and when you looked out his back window it was a sunflower field…just gorgeous. Have loved sunflowers since then.

  4. Laura M

    Wow S you are so talented. I haven’t commented in a loooong time, but I love looking at all your pictures and reminding me of home. I was born in OC and family in SD. So so so pretty!!!! Hope you are doing well.

  5. Editdebs

    Oh how I miss California poppies! They have such an interesting smell. Despite not having smelled them in person for over 30 years, I can still remember that smell.

  6. Gaelyn

    You have captured the breathtaking beauty of spring. The fog works well. Excellent captures.

  7. Leann

    Beautiful pics! I look forward to them at the end of a bad day.

  8. Dana@Flower Delivery Service

    My goodness! Are these what California wildflowers looking like in the spring or is this a garden you wandered across? Because those ranunculus are breathtaking. I usually don’t support the gathering of wildflowers but I would be so tempted to take a couple home with me, they’d make beautiful pressings as well!


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