There’s So Much Darkness Inside You

Photo:  Muir Woods, San Francisco, CA

4 Responses to “There’s So Much Darkness Inside You”

  1. Vikki

    I have lived in the SF Bay Area a long, long, long time and had never been to Muir Woods…until last year! It is definitely beautiful and so peaceful! Great photo too!

  2. Linda

    I love the redwood forests- and each one is so unique. LOVE!

  3. Joanne

    OK, I am changing my name because I am tired of fighting with autocorrect. Amazing pics, as always, and I cannot believe we did not time our Muir Woods visit. My photos sucked because I did not bring the right lens, etc. Your photography continues to grow and inspire me! You should be proud. Everyone, be proud of 24!! Shes’s amazing!


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