Some photos can’t really be seen, if they aren’t big enough.

I did an outdoor portrait shoot about a week ago.

I wanted to share with you the spot I picked to do it ….

“My” mountains are in the background, which makes it an extra-special photo to me.


5 Responses to “Wildflowers”

  1. Bri

    What sort of lens did you use for this shot? It is lovely.

  2. Suzanne Y.

    OK Bri, thanks for asking about the lens Suzanne used. Now it’s my turn to ask what f stop you set this at? I’d ask about the shutter speed – but I haven’t grasped THAT CONCEPT yet.

    As always – beautiful photo!

    I know Central Texas is too long for a road trip for you, BUT you should seriously consider coming here during the spring. The Texas wildflowers are simply amazing. We moved here 2 years ago fro No. CA and I don’t remember seeing anything like this before. The Bluebonnets have made an appearance and now the yellow and gold flowers are springing forth. You and your camera would go wild.

    AND if you love BBQ brisket – this is the place to eat yourself silly!


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