An L.A. Room With A View

I love going places, even when it’s someplace local.

A tropical storm is hanging around Southern California right now, so yesterday was hot and muggy in L.A.

We don’t get a lot of muggy in California.

I’m not a big fan of muggy.

By late afternoon, I was done taking photos (outside all day), and ready to be in a nice cool, air-conditioned, hotel room.

I came back to my room, took a quick shower to get the sweat residue off me, and walked around my room, naked, for a couple hours.

I’m staying at the  J.W. Marriott at L.A. Live  this week.

(And no, they aren’t sponsoring this post.)

(Although, that’s a good idea!  Hey Marriott, how would you like to send me around the world to your various resorts and hotels?  I’d be so happy to write about it if you did!)


As I was saying,

I’ve stayed here one other time – some of my long time readers might remember.

My husband (due to all his business travel) was able to get me a “free” room with his accumulated hotel points.

He’s a bigwig in Marriott’s eyes, because he travels more than any other person on the planet, so they upgraded me (at no cost) to an enormous suite.


And by enormous …  I mean, ENORMOUS!

This hotel caters to a lot of business people having meetings at the nearby L.A. Convention Center.

(L.A. Live is right here too, as is the Staples Center where the Lakers play.)

Here are a few shots I took to share with you:

Photo:  The sitting area of the hotel suite.

There’s also a long bench for additional seating.  The couch is big enough to seat four adults comfortably.  Add in the bench (which I haven’t included in my shot), and you could easily seat 12 people in this area for a social or work gathering.  I don’t know if you can really get a feel for the size of it just from my photo, but it’s way bigger than my family room at home.

(It’s so lonely here, just with me!)

This next photo isn’t the greatest, but it shows you where I’m sleeping.

Photo:  Bed with cool lamps at each side – pull down extendable reading lamps!

There’s nothing like crawling into bed at the end of a long day of shooting photos!

I admit, the room isn’t decorated to my tastes.  It’s modern, it’s minamilist.

I’m more traditional and antique-y and vintage-y.

Still, it’s a nice place to visit.

My only real complaint is the Internet access.  It works, but I can’t seem to have my phone and my laptop working at the same time.  It’s a pain in the ass.  It seems like a business hotel would do better.  (Also, they charge for Internet access which, to me, is absolutely ridiculous in this day and age.  It should come with every room like TV.)

The bathroom is bigger than most people’s kitchens.

Photo:  Hotel bathroom

There are two sinks, and there’s plenty of storage under the sinks for whatever you might bring.

The shower is big enough for you, and forty two of your closest friends.

(Only slightly exaggerating!)

There are also several drawers and dressers, a big closet, a safe, a refrigerator, a large desk, wifi, etc., etc.

Not bad.

My favorite thing, though?

Is the amazing view I have out of my (many) windows.  It’s a corner suite, so I can see a full 180 of L.A.

It’s especially awesome at night.

Photo:  A Room With A View

By the way, the above photo is the “smaller” sitting area, at the other end of the suite.

If I’d known they were going to give me such spacious quarters,  I would have planned a party ….

Of course, I’d have invited you!

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  1. karen

    Now that’s pretty awesome, I’ve never stayed in accomodations such as this. A traveling husband does come with some nice perks!

  2. Suzanne Y.

    Did you tweak the colors in the “Room with a View” photo? Amazing colors of the skyline and clouds.

  3. Gaelyn

    Dang but that room is Humungous! I’d get lost in there. Great view.

    And why not pitch for hotels to accommodate us when traveling.


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