How Far Away Is Bathing Suit Season?

Yesterday, while on a walk, it occurred to me it’s now April.


How did that happen?

Photo:  Poppies (taken yesterday)

I realized it was April when I noticed how many flowers I was surrounded by on my walk.

They’re everywhere right now.

Photo:  Spring Flowers

It’s flower-mania here in Orange County!

Next, I realized this upcoming weekend is Easter.  I have family and friends coming to my house for the weekend.

(And a menu to make.  And groceries to buy.  And people-are-staying-over-at-our-house things to do.)

PR is also about to begin his Spring Break – !

What I’m trying to say is …

All these things combined means –


I usually heat up our pool on the first of April and we keep it heated well into October each year.

I’ve been so busy, I didn’t realize April was here.

It’s time to get in a bathing suit!


I love swimming.   (!!!)

I don’t love being in a swimsuit though.

(I never have – not even when I was a skinny-minny which I definitely am NOT anymore.)

Photo:  Thomas Hawk and (not-ready-for-a-bathing-suit) ME.

(Above iPhone shot taken by Nike in San Francisco.  Didn’t she do a good job?)


I hadn’t even booked our summer vacation which I normally do in January.

So, yesterday I did.

We have a big/special trip to Kauai planned.

(The last time I was in Kauai I got pregnant with my firstborn … over 20 years ago!  I’ve been wanting to get back to photograph the island for YEARS!)

Hawaii equals ….


Just kidding.

I crack myself up.

Hawaii equals ….


Last year, swimming caused me a lot of pain and I had to really limit my one-armed swimming.

I don’t know what I’ll be able to do (or not do) this year.

Pain is a fickle bitch.

She hasn’t been kind to me in recent weeks.  (Months/Years)

Yes, I KNOW I’ve been overdoing the camera/photography lately.

I keep meaning to take a week or two off.

(But, it just doesn’t seem to happen!)

There have also been some changes going on with my physical therapist –

Which have resulted in a lot less treatment for my broken body.

So – yeah, pain.

But … regardless of how much my arm can take –

I will be in the pool beginning this weekend, and almost daily for the next several months.

The good thing?

I will increase my exercise level the minute the pool is heated.

The bad thing?


That would be getting into a bathing suit – THIS WEEKEND!


14 Responses to “How Far Away Is Bathing Suit Season?”

  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    It’s not bathing suit season – it’s humiliation season. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. And can I say jealous? I haven’t been to Kauai since Beloved and I got married; I’d LOVE to be able to grab my camera and go with you!!

    Love the photo of you and Thomas Hawk, too – Nike did a marvelous job.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Well, that means you’ve been there more recently than I have! : )
      I can’t tell you how BADLY I’ve wanted to visit Kauai. I’ve been trying to get there for a good ten years! (At least!)

  2. Judi

    I have only been to Oahu, and that was 20+ years ago with my college marching band for the Aloha Bowl. I’m really looking forward to exploring more of Hawaii in a few years when my hubby is retired and our travel schedule opens up.

    I’m going to Ft. Lauderdale in June and realizing that I need to get in shape for summer dresses and maybe bathing suit. Ugh.

    I have so far resisted the urge to spend all of my spare money on your photo prints, but now you’ve done it. I’m obsessed with California poppies, and have practically bare walls in my bedroom and I NEED that picture.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I love poppies too, Judi.
      I’ve gotten some very good poppy shots lately … but I especially love the one in today’s post because of the bokeh. : )

      P.S. Let me know if you have any trouble with the photo site. : )

  3. Sandra

    I feel your pain. I’ll be in Pismo this weekend camping at the RV park and the pool is where the kids spend most of their time so I’m in a bathing suit too. I am getting spray tanned tonight though, so I don’t blind everyone!

  4. WebSavvyMom

    –>I spend the majority of my free time in the warm months in a bathing suit. It’s not always pretty but I try to find ones that flatter. We are going on two vacations this summer so I invested in a great cover-up as well.

  5. Gaelyn

    Shit, only 18-20 year olds look Good in a bathing suite. And then only some of them. Who cares. Be comfortable. I’m rather jealous of the whole warm swimming pool thing. Besides it’s still a little chilly here for that. Have fun in Hawaii and with family this weekend.


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