I Ate The Ears Off A Chocolate Bunny

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

How many of you have kids on Spring Break this week?

[One of my (three) kids is on break right now.  Of course, all three have of them have different weeks off school.]

Two of my three kids were home for Easter.

We had beautiful, warm, weather for the holiday weekend.

I went for my first swim of the year yesterday.

Photo:  Swimming pool

I only swam a couple laps, and I used my one-armed stroke very carefully.

I’m trying to calm my arm DOWN right now.  I’ll (hopefully) gradually increase my pool time as we move towards summer.

I worked very hard over the weekend –

Mundane stuff like cleaning, and grocery shopping, and LOTS and LOTS of cooking, and putting on the charm for family (and friend) house guests.

I’ve been fighting a sore throat, so I think the whole holiday-ness of the weekend was a little more tiring than normal.

It was a nice weekend though.

I ate the ears off a chocolate bunny, and they were delicious.

(See’s, of course!  My family is related to See’s.  I’m genetically predisposed to love See’s chocolate.)

PR played guitar for everyone out by the pool.

Photo:  Playing the guitar

He’s gotten so good; I love listening to him play.

My house is looking very spring-ish right now.

Photo:  Pink and yellow tulips

I’m headed to San Diego today.

Briefcase and I are taking PR on some college tours.  (There are several colleges in San Diego.)

Can you believe my BABY is beginning to think about where he might wind up for college?


I’ll be taking my camera with me, of course.

(By the way, the new camera is AMAZING.  I love it so much it hurts.  I know it’s wrong to love a material object, but I love it anyway.)

If all goes as planned,

I’ll be back with an update tomorrow.

12 Responses to “I Ate The Ears Off A Chocolate Bunny”

  1. karen

    LOVE that tulip image. And your pool is just so beautiful and inviting.

    I hate the whole bunny, da*n it.

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I showed admirable restraint and only ate a small piece of The Young One’s Lindt chocolate bunny.

    We’ll see how long that lasts, though, as The G Man left his at my house. And it’s been staring at me since last night, the rotten little bugger…

  3. Gaelyn

    Pool looks very inviting.
    Didn’t have any chocolate bunnies to eat, but it would have been more than the ears.
    I love my new camera too. Hope the new lens arrives today.
    Have fun in SD.

  4. Jane

    You’re related to See’s? I LOVE See’s chocolate. I’ve gained five pounds just reading this post.

  5. Cathy B

    Being related to See’s makes you an honourary Canadian (at least according to me, here in Toronto)!


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