Miscellaneous Stuff That Needs to be Blah, Blah, Blogged About

I’m going to take a beginning-of-the-week break to do some Twenty Four At Heart housecleaning/catching-up.

First of all,

I’m very excited!

A dwarf orange AND a dwarf lime tree have been ordered for my yard from a grower in San Diego.  (I already have a lemon tree.)

They will be baby trees when they arrive because Briefcase would most likely kill me if I ordered grown-up trees.

Why citrus trees make me so excited, I don’t know ….

It might have to do with summer cocktails??

Does anyone sell a vodka tree?

Oh wait –

That isn’t what I was supposed to be writing about today AT ALL.

Let me start over ….

I’ve just given the official “go ahead” to my fantastic web designers (GigaSavvy) to begin building another room to this house.

Twenty Four At Heart will continue as it is, but for those of you who want more

You’ll soon be able to ALSO get more detailed information about photography.  The photography related stuff will be on a separate page (viewed as a separate feed for my subscribers).  It will take a little time to get everything set up.  I’ll let you know when the changes go live.  (I’m expecting it to be a few weeks down the road.)  I’ve known for quite awhile this place needs some work done …  it’s nice to finally get started on it.

As we begin working on building a new page/feed/addition, I’d be interested in hearing what you’d like.  I’ve already gotten a lot of feedback (which is why I’m doing this!), but if you haven’t spoken up yet – now is the time to!

The main/current blog will stay as it is … I will continue to post photos, I will ramble, I will be inappropriate at times.  I will be ME.

I won’t be posting every single day on the photography page/feed, but when I do I will be talking about:

•  Photography related news/issues/concerns.

•  Photography tips to help you learn/improve your skills.

•  Breaking down the details of a photo – how it was taken, what settings were used (and why), how it was post-processed, etc.

•  Specific photography related questions sent in by readers.

•  I will most likely run some photo contests.

•  I’m considering a reader’s request of making some short video training tutorials available for download.  (How many hours ARE THERE in a day??)  : )

•  Dates for occasional photography lessons/workshops with me will be posted as they’re scheduled.


I’ve gotten some complaints from those of you who buy my prints.  Everyone seems to enjoy viewing the new galleries, but a few of you have said the new buying process is complicated.  I’ve asked the web designers to make some changes to that area of my website also.  I don’t want you to feel like you’re getting a tooth pulled when you just want to purchase a print for your home/office, or as a gift.

Photo:  Antique bowl

Purchasing a print should be easy and simple – and it will be.

(I’m going to buy the above photo myself.  It will look so pretty in my kitchen!)

Several of you have also requested signed prints.

I will begin offering some limited edition, signed, prints in the near future.

Having a separate feed/page/area of the blog for photography-related stuff will benefit those of you who share my photography passion.

It will also benefit those of you who don’t like photography.  Photography stuff won’t clutter up the main feed as much.

I’ll hopefully bore you less often if you’re NOT interested in photography.

(I will still share photos on the “main” blog, especially as they relate to whatever I’m writing about on any particular day.)

It should be a win for everyone involved.

And now it’s your turn,

If there’s something you want to see on the soon-to-exist photography page/feed – please let me know!

(I might not be able to make everybody happy, but I’ll do the best I can.)

4 Responses to “Miscellaneous Stuff That Needs to be Blah, Blah, Blogged About”

  1. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    I’m looking forward to the photography site! I’ve shelved my camera for almost 2 years and really miss it. I want to invest in new lenses AND get my camera checked out. It keeps locking up right when I’m about to get an awesome pic!

    Talk about different lenses please. I’ll look at articles or write ups and then promptly forget why I would want which kind of lens and how do I know which one is the better one to get. (old age brain – sorry)

    Loved your pic from Knottsberry Farm of the train – how did you get the tunnel type view ?

    Do you clean your camera equipment? If so how/what do you use? or do you have it professionally done? If so, what are you asking for, what type of expenses are involved?

    Flash – do you use a speciality flash or one the camera is already equipped with?

    I’ll think of more…at some point.

    Thanks for doing this. Love your photos!

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Aren’t you all business-y and stuff! I’m watching you closely, since I’ll be going in a similar direction soon.

    I’d be jealous of your citrus trees, if I didn’t have access to local apple, peach, pear, plum and cherry trees…

  3. Sara

    I love your pictures and cannot wait for your new photography site!! I always have my camera with me at all times…drives my family crazy:)


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