More About Knott’s Berry Farm …

I hadn’t intended to do another post about my day photographing Knott’s Berry Farm,

Life is full of unplanned surprises, right?

I was at Knott’s to photograph the park.  (If you missed it, you can read my original post on my very fun, interesting, day by clicking here.)

Because I was invited to the park for photography purposes, I took way more photos than if I were visiting just for fun.

I haven’t had time to edit the pie making photos yet.  Watching pies being made was one of my favorite things from my “behind the scenes” tours.  (I do plan to share those with you because it was SO interesting and fun to see!)

I do, however, have a few other glimpses of the park share-worthy now.


Photo:  The entrance to Ghostrider – the SCARIEST roller coaster!

I didn’t ride on Ghostrider this trip.  I had a lot of photography gear with me.  (More than I would for a normal photography outing.)  It couldn’t be taken on the ride with me.  I never let my gear out of my sight so I wasn’t comfortable leaving it behind.  Ghostrider is a great roller coaster though – I’ve been on it many times before.  You really do feel like you’re about to go flying off as you ride on it – making it both scary and fun.

Photo:  Knott’s Steam Engine

I did get to ride on the train.  It was fun and provided a lot of great photo opportunities.

Speaking of trains, The Roundhouse is where the trains get worked on.  It’s also where I managed to get very dirty.

It started when I lay down on the floor to take this shot:

Photo:  Inside The Roundhouse, Knott’s Berry Farm

The above photo is probably a strange photo to love, but I do love it.

The light streaming in the window, the LINES and CURVES …!

(I’m weird like that!)

When I was done photographing The Roundhouse, Neil looked at how filthy I’d gotten and said,

“You’re not at all like other OC women.”

I might have snorted out loud.

Photo:  Traveling back in time, Knott’s Berry Farm

A lot of Knott’s charm is tied to Ghost Town and the old west.

I remember watching a REAL blacksmith at Knott’s as a kid.  It’s such a simple thing, but there’s still a working blacksmith at the park –

I think it’s fascinating to watch him work.

Photo:  A blacksmith at work, Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s also has an area just for little kids called Camp Snoopy.

Of course,

Teenagers probably don’t care much about Camp Snoopy, the blacksmith, or the ghost town.

Teenagers are all about the rides.

Photo:  Hanging mid-air at the amusement park

There’s nothing quite as fun as being twirled and whirled through the sky!

16 Responses to “More About Knott’s Berry Farm …”

  1. Laura M

    First, great shots. And you can tell your friend that was a compliment and there is nothing wrong with “not” being like other OC women. I love that about you. I remember when I was little i used to watch the blacksmith for a long time. My favorite place at Knotts though is the attraction where everything seems backwards and gravity doesn’t matter 🙂

  2. Suzanne Y.

    Wow and Wow! LOVE today’s photos. I can’t wait till you get the photo site up.

    I am taking an online photography class, and one of the things the instructor said, was to create an Image file so we can try and copy/duplicate/learn from photographers we admire.

    Lady, I’ll be creating a big damn file from your photos.

    Keep up your amazing work!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I’m excited about your class!
      It’s always helpful to look at photos and think about what we like about them, don’t like … and/or how they were created. I have so many photographers I admire, and they inspire me to improve! : )

  3. hong

    The farm looks just like a museum making people looking back on the old days, finding interesting things. You did have had fun the whole day. Past life is so precious!

  4. Steve L

    These are some beautiful photos. I really like the blacksmith shot. But that may be expected because it is me. Great photos.

  5. Steve

    I would really like to see the other photos you took and might be interested in obtains some. Could you please contact me? Thanks, steve

  6. E. LEFF

    What great looking hands you have. Have you ever grown into those meat hook?

    Love, Erik – Son of the Blacksmith!


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