More About San Diego …

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I thought your questions/comments yesterday were interesting.

I’ve answered/responded to them in my comment section.

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If you missed yesterday’s post, I wrote about my day-trip to San Diego.  I was checking out colleges with my high school aged son.

The day caused me to make a life changing decision.

I’m going to turn 17 again and go back to college.

(And yes, I was seventeen when I left for college in Santa Barbara – a mere baby!)

Photo:  Academia Revisited

My son isn’t sure yet where he wants to go to college.  He might end up out of state.  We’re trying to expose him to different types of campuses right now so he can get a feel for what he likes and dislikes.  (Big campus?  Or little campus?  Cute girls on bikes?  Or cute girls walking from class to class?  Etc., etc.)


I couldn’t resist showing you one more photo of the adorable baby seal we saw while in San Diego.

He/she wanted to play, but all the grown-up seals were sleeping.

Photo:  Baby seal looking for FUN!

Grown-ups are so boring!

(That’s his mom right next to him.  She looks exhausted.)

I really wanted to bring Baby Seal home to live in our pool.  We have a salt water pool so it would work.

Well, except for the no-fish-to-eat-in-our-pool thing.

The sleeping seals got a rude awakening after awhile.

Photo:  Wave crashing on sleeping seals

I suppose seals are used to be woken up by crashing waves?

The waves have been huge this week.

Rumor has it, a spring storm is inbound.

Photo:  La Jolla, San Diego County

It sure hasn’t looked very storm-like lately.

(I think I just jinxed us with rain?)

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  1. Diane

    Didn’t your two older children both attend college out of state? It might be nice to have one attend in Calif. :-))


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