Orange Tree, Orange County, Orange You Glad You Know Me?

I’m ridiculously excited about my new trees.

I already had a lemon tree but now I also have an orange, and a lime, tree.

I admit, I’m more excited about the orange tree than I am about the lime tree.

(Which is kind of weird, because I like limes more than I like oranges.)

(I’m not normal, have you noticed that?)

(I also use parentheses way more than I should.)

There’s nothing in this world that smells as perfect, and wonderful, as orange blossoms.

I wish everyone could live surrounded by the scent of orange blossoms.

There’d be no wars.

There’d be peace and love for all …

OK, maybe not –

Photo:  Bee on an orange blossom on my new (!!) orange tree.

Why didn’t I get an orange tree sooner?

I’ve clearly wasted a good portion of my life.

When my son got home from school, he walked into our backyard and said, “Oh, it smells so good out here.  It smells like TEA!”

(He sometimes drinks an orange herbal tea …. hence, our backyard now smells like tea.)

He picked an orange off our brand new tree, and we shared it.

Our tree, for those of you who are interested, is a dwarf Valencia orange tree.

(I know someone will ask so:  our lime tree is a dwarf Bearss, our lemon tree is a dwarf Meyer.)

The orange we shared was delicious and juicy.

Our baby-ish tree came with four oranges … and now it only has three.

(But it has a whole lot of blossoms, and baby (still green) oranges too.)

The bees found the blossoms immediately.

So did the hummingbirds.

Photo:  Hummingbird in our orange tree

The bees and the hummingbirds seem to be as intoxicated by the scent of orange blossoms as I am.

(Mocha, my chocolate Labrador, couldn’t stop sniffing the orange blossoms either!)

The lime tree is also blossoming, although it’s much less fragrant.

It has lots of baby limes on it.

Photo:  Baby limes growing on our lime tree

Doesn’t Tequila Lime Chicken, cooked on the grill, sound really good?

The little things in life make me so happy.

I wish I could bottle up orange blossoms and give some to each of you!

13 Responses to “Orange Tree, Orange County, Orange You Glad You Know Me?”

  1. Diane

    I really miss having citrus trees in the backyard as we did in Arizona. We had a small apple tree here in Virginia but the deer made mince meat of it and it’s now gone to tree heaven. I do have two mock orange bushes in our front yard and they, although making my eyes itchy, smell WONDERFUL!

  2. Denise

    My lilac bush is full right now and the smell is soooo nice. I planted a second one this year and can’t wait to have two when the new one grows up. We planted some fruit trees last year and two apple trees this year. They are all babies. I look forward to a couple years from now when they are all full of blossoms….and fruit.

  3. Suzanne Y.

    I know you are going to add the photo details on your new website. But could you (pretty) please tell me what camera lens you used on the bee and orange blossom shot (amazing!) aperture, and shutter speed.

    Do you generally shoot in one mode or is everything in Manual?

    I just haven’t figured out the triad of photography YET.

    And the more I get into photography, the more I want a better camera and better lenses.!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I’m in a hotel so I don’t have all the info with me. It was shot with my macro lens though and that lens is a Canon 100mm. It is fun to have a good camera and lenses, but some of my favorite shots are taken by my friend Neil and he only has an iPhone. I really recommend learning a ton with whatever you’re using now first. Otherwise it’s just a waste of money. The more you practice, the faster you’ll learn.

      • Suzanne Y.

        Has my husband been secretly talking to you? Kidding! I do agree that I need to learn more about how to best shoot with this camera, but I was hoping a better camera and lens would translate into better shots.

  4. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Oh, I’m so jealous! I’d LOVE a Meyer lemon tree of my own.

    The photo of the hummingbird is fabulous. One of my favorites to date.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I grew up with a huge, full size, Meyer lemon tree. We always were giving lemons away to friends and neighbors because we had so many. My mom “made us” squeeze them and make fresh lemonade in the summers. My lemon tree is just a baby and doesn’t get enough sun. We’ve only gotten a few lemons off of it. This year it looks like we will finally get a few more! Let’s hope!

  5. Gaelyn

    What a delightful smell to greet you in the yard. Must have been a pretty good sized tree to already bear fruit. Enjoy. And please do send the smell.

  6. Editdebs

    Oh, there is no better scent than orange blossoms! The smell of my childhood is eucalyptus and orange blossoms. Heavenly!


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