Pets, Pets, And More Pets!

There was a HUGE pet expo in Orange County this weekend.

And by huge, I mean –

I spent hours there and I probably didn’t even see half of the animals.

I usually avoid attending pet events.

When animals look at me with big sad eyes I want to bring them home with me …

Which would only lead to divorce, or (my) death via my husband, etc., etc.

There was every type of animal imaginable at the expo, but I spent a lot of time with the dogs.

I have a soft spot for dogs.

Some animals were up for adoption, but many were not.

For instance, this guy was not up for adoption.  He’s an Orange County sheriff.

Photo:  Hound dog 

OK, so he isn’t actually a sheriff but he works for the sheriff.

You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog …

He wanted a lot of tummy rubs and ear scratches.  (And he really loved the tummy rubs!)

He also had a lot of extra skin!  I might have wiggled it around and played with his looooong ears!

My favorite cat at the expo was there to raise awareness for the Forever Wild Exotic Animal Santuary.

Photo:  Tiger from Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary

Isn’t she beautiful?

It’s so nice to know someone is taking care of such gorgeous animals.  (They would be put down without organizations like Forever Wild to take care of them.)

There were famous animals from movies and TV shows at the expo too.  People crowded around to see them.

You do know most of the dogs you see in movies/on TV are dog doubles/triples/quadruples?

(Meaning, there is more than one of that dog playing that “part.”)

I fell in love with so many animals.

It’s a good thing my husband was with me to keep me from bringing home “one of everything.”

I posted this photo on Facebook yesterday and asked,

Can you do this with your tongue?

Photo:  Bulldog

Well, can you?

(And if so, would you like to go out on a date?)

There were also hamsters and guinea pigs and reptiles and fish and, and, and …!

At one point, I walked right past one gentleman with his pet.

I did a double take ….

His pet was gigantic … and to be honest, I don’t remember what it was called.

(He told me, but its beady eyes kind of flustered me right into forgetting!)

I know it was not an iguana.

Photo:  Man with gigantic reptile pet

I’m sure I’ll show you more photos of some of the pets at the expo eventually.

It was hard not to smile when meeting many of them.

For instance, this guy was really friendly:

Photo:  Great Dane with his owner

He was also, absolutely, the biggest Great Dane I’ve ever met.

(And I’ve known several!)

He was a sweet, gentle, giant as most Great Danes are.

It was so much fun to photograph so many different types of animals/breeds.

(And surprisingly enough, I managed to get through the entire day without adopting any additional pets into our family.)

10 Responses to “Pets, Pets, And More Pets!”

  1. Deidre

    A PET EXPO. You’re killing me! I want all the puppies. The sheriff’s dog? AMAZING.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      You would have stayed even longer than I did. So many cute animals … and so many of them! I wanted to bring the sheriff’s dog home with me. He was adorable!

  2. Diane

    No, I can’t do that with my tongue. I don’t have that tongue gene… but my oldest granddaughter does!

  3. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Believe it or not, my brother can do that with his tongue (no, I’m not joking). His wife might object if he went out on a date, though. 😉

    I, too, have a soft spot for dogs, and it has little to do with the fact that I’m allergic to cats.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I’m allergic to cats too.
      I honestly think, if we had a bigger yard, I would have brought at least one home with me. There was a Saint Bernard who really loved me …! : )

  4. Gaelyn

    They are all wonderful, but I like the Sheriff dog best. Would be a dangerous place for me too.

  5. karen

    I have a great Dane.. and at 185 lbs, I don’t think he’s as big as this guy!


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