Remember When Your Server Was Your Waitress?

If you tried to visit me yesterday, you probably had difficulties.

Twenty Four At Heart currently uses a company called Dreamhost as its server.

Dreamhost was down/broken in South Orange County for a LOT of yesterday.

My apologies on their behalf.  (Did you hear me spewing four letter words in their direction?)

The timing of having my server down was not good.  Knott’s Berry Farm had linked to me on their Facebook homepage and LOTS of people were trying to visit.

And yes, after repeated recent disappointments with Dreamhost –

I do plan on changing servers relatively soon.

In any case, yesterday I wrote about a trip I took last week (at a reader’s suggestion) to Descanso Gardens.  The post includes a really pretty, kind of dreamy, photo of the gardens.  You can see it, and read what you may have missed, by clicking here.

(A boob/trucker/freeway flashing might have been involved.)

Sigh …

Technical problems suck!

I’m glad it’s Friday.

I’m ready for the weekend.

Photo:  Orange County beach walkway

How about you?

10 Responses to “Remember When Your Server Was Your Waitress?”

  1. karen

    I’m ready for the weekend too… oh, to walk that walk today. Especially with camera and dog in hand. Although that never works out as well as we think it will, does it…lol….

  2. Deidre

    I was definitely glad for it to be Friday. Seriously, I don’t know how all these people have full time work and the energy to do … anything – but this is definitely a better problem to my previous one: unemployment.

    I’m sorry your server’s been crap 🙁

  3. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I was wondering if you were going to change web hosts after yesterday’s debacle. And I’m with you – thank GAWD it’s Friday!!!!

  4. Gaelyn

    Friday, Sunday, Tuesday….they all seem to run together lately. About to change of course. But then my Friday will probably be Tuesday. Oh it’s all about as confusing as the server thing. Good luck with that. I use Hostgator and so far so good.

  5. Boomzaa

    Ugh – I’ve been there with server problems. I even saw you venting on twitter, so I knew it must have been serious! Glad everything’s back up and running.


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