San Diego College Visit

Yesterday, Briefcase, PR, and I made a quick trip to San Diego.

Our goal was to tour a few of the San Diego colleges.

We got a late start and ended up only seeing San Diego State University (SDSU).

(I also HAD to stop by and see the seals in La Jolla.  I haven’t visited them in awhile and I really needed to.)

San Diego is only an hour south, so it’s okay we didn’t get everything done.

It’s easy (and will be fun) to make return trips.

Photo:  San Diego State University

It was a beautiful day.

Temperatures were in the 80’s.  We got a little sunburned walking around campus.

I didn’t take many photos since we were busy investigating the beautiful campus.

I haven’t been on the SDSU campus in years and I was very impressed.

In fact,

I’ve decided I want to go back to college.

Is that okay?

Can I go live on the SDSU campus for four years?

Photo:  The ceiling of Love Library, SDSU

I couldn’t resist snapping a quick shot of the library ceiling.  I think I might need to make a return trip to the campus just for photography purposes.

Oh, what I could DO if I had a few minutes and my 14 mm lens – ha!!

(Yes, that really IS how my brain works!)

After a couple hours of wishing I was seventeen (and headed off to college) again, we started the return trip home.

And by that, I mean we drove a short distance to La Jolla.

Photo:  La Jolla View

La Jolla is similar to Laguna in many ways.

(You need forty bazillion dollars to live in either place, beautiful bluffs on the beach, the rocky coast, etc.)

Not long ago, I shared a photo of the California Sea Lions in San Francisco.

A lot of people get confused between California Sea Lions and Sealsthey’re different animals.  If you haven’t grown up with both it can be very confusing.

La Jolla has (mainly) seals, including this adorable BABY seal:

Photo:  Seals on a rock – and a baby seal!

It’s always very entertaining to watch the seals swim and play.

PR and I were particularly entertained with the interaction between the baby pictured above and his/her mom.

So cute!

Photo:  La Jolla

La Jolla was a beautiful place to end a long holiday weekend.

Photo:  Pelican soaring

And now?

Sigh ….

It’s back to reality.

16 Responses to “San Diego College Visit”

  1. Deidre

    Wow – those seals are so cute! Especially that pup – oh my.

    Is PR planning on staying close to home for college? You must be pleased about that?

  2. KirstyB

    Beautiful! We loved going to the Children’s Beach at La Jolla! I think I have a billion photos of the seals down there too!! Haven’t hit the coastline on this side of the US yet….but I can’t imagine it even comes close!

  3. WebSavvyMom

    –>I would love to go back to college for four years too. Best time of my life. Working as a grown up really wastes a lot of my time.

  4. Diane

    I could lay down and view that library ceiling all day long and not tire of it. WOW.

  5. Judi

    Back when I toured San Diego State (last century… sigh), it had a party school reputation. Has it grown up? I was just moving to California from Illinois and didn’t know anything about any of the schools out here, and was glad at the time that I ended up someplace else because I was not that kind of girl. Yet. 😉

  6. Jan's Sushi Bar

    The Young One seems to have settled on Kent State for college, and for some reason I keep singing “Four dead in Oh-hi-oh” every time we talk about it.

    We have a client in La Jolla; Beloved confirms that it is a beautiful place. And the pelican pic? Makes my heart soar. 🙂

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      No …
      I actually used one of my cheap, old, every day lenses to take that shot.
      I wish I had my 14 mm lens with me – I might have to go back!

  7. Gaelyn

    Never too late to return to school but PR might not appreciate his Mom being on the same campus. 😉

    The seals are very cute, for them alone certainly worth the trip.


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