Still in L.A.

I’m still up in Los Angeles, although I’ll be headed back to The OC sometime tonight.

Photo:  L.A. Live as a tropical storm prepared to roll in.

I’d like to say everything has gone perfectly on this trip, but things just haven’t quite fallen in place.

My hotel, my (free!) upgraded suite … all of that is wonderful.

But …?

A lot of things on this week’s L.A. to do list have not gone as planned.

Primarily, I’ve had a really bad migraine for the last two days, and it has really thrown me off my game.

(Is there such thing as a GOOD migraine?  I think not!)

It’s probably a result of no PT this last week, and way too much camera time.

(My post-accident body is such a mess.  I’d say it’s a train wreck, but in truth – it’s a car wreck.)

My neck muscles are clenched in a fist.

Can neck muscles form a fist?

Can they be so spasmed they’re popping my head off in the form of a migraine?

I think it’s the most likely explanation for the migraine from hell.

Anyway, this trip hasn’t been all bad –

And it hasn’t been all good.

One nice thing, was ordering room service breakfast yesterday.

Photo:  Room service breakfast

I normally don’t eat much for breakfast.  (I also rarely spend money to order room service – it’s always incredibly overpriced.)


Migraine, blah, blah, blah, don’t have to pay for the hotel, blah, blah, blah.

I decided to indulge.

(There was so much more food than I could eat.  The portions were huge.  Also?  A migraine pretty much kills a persons appetite.)

The coffee was great, and the fresh cut tulips were a cheerful treat.

I also really appreciated the “to go” cup they provided.  When it was time to get on with my day, I took my coffee with me.

(It’s the little things …!)

Most of my yesterday was spent in a photography seminar.  It turns out, I’m already very proficient in what was being taught.  (Which made the classes seem much looooonger than they were.)  I was expecting to know some of the material, but not all of it.

I guess I’m smarter than I realized.

(Quick!  Someone tell my husband!!)

I met some really nice people at the seminar though.  That in itself, made the day worthwhile.

Have I mentioned the views from my room are amazing?

I took this photo through one of my (tinted) hotel windows yesterday.  The sun was setting, the storm clouds were still hanging by the mountains ….

Photo:  Los Angeles

It was beautiful –

And so, L.A.

4 Responses to “Still in L.A.”

  1. Diane

    The restaurants of the world always serve huge helpings and so many of us feel guilty if we don’t eat it all. I’m learning to just push the plate away and say NO without cleaning my plate.

    Great shot of the clouds over the mountain… VERY LA indeed!

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Get thee home, girl, and go see the Neanderthal.

    And there’s enough food on that tray to feed a small, third-world country. You wouldn’t have been able to finish that *without* the migraine. Egads.

  3. Twenty Four At Heart

    It was SO much food!
    Also, if I’d been thinking I would have ordered fruit to replace the potatoes. I could have saved the fruit in the fridge to have later in the day. My migrained brain cells weren’t working! : )

    The Neanderthal has offered to travel with me, for only $1,000/day. Isn’t that sweet of him??


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