The Huntington

Last week, while up in L.A., I spent a few hours at The Huntington.

The Huntington is actually called The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens,

But that takes (at least) five huge breaths just to say.

Photo:  Entrance to The Huntington

When I was a kid (elementary school), I went on a field trip to The Huntington.  I think we looked at art.

We had to be really quiet and good listeners.

It was really boring, but I was happy we got out of school.

I haven’t been back since.

The Huntington is one of Southern California’s biggest treasures, and now that I’ve seen it (as an adult),

I’m kicking myself for not having visited sooner.

I only had three hours to visit last week, and I didn’t even see a fraction of what there is to see.

I’d like to go back and spend at least another two days there.

The gardens alone take up 120 ACRES!

Photo:  Huntington Gardens.  The view shortly after entering.

I fell SO in love with this place!

The beauty, is simply amazing.

There’s an enormous (three and a half acre/about 4,000 plants!) rose garden at The Huntington.

Photo:  Pink Roses

There were types of roses I’ve never seen and so many of them!

The scent walking through the rose garden –

Well, it was just plain yummy!

Photo:  Bench in the rose garden

The women in the above photo were so nice to let me take their photo.

I have no idea who they were, but in my imagination they were mother and daughter.

There’s a cafe at The Huntington, which I didn’t have time to visit.  There’s also the (famous!) Rose Garden Tea Room.  You have to make reservations ahead of time to visit it.

I’ve heard it’s wonderful.

(I actually tried to get reservations about a week ahead of time, but the Tea Room was already booked for the time slot I intended to visit.)

I’ll definitely go back sometime again.

Photo:  The walk towards the Tea Room

I spent most of my visit in the Rose Garden and in the recently renovated (nine acre!) Japanese Garden.

I was there during the harshest sunlight hours, on an 80 degree day.

(In other words, it was the worst time possible for photography.)

Of course, even if it should have,

Harsh sunlight didn’t stop me from taking lots and lots of photos.

Photo:  Purple roses  (Midnight Blue Roses)

Have you ever seen dark purple roses?

I hadn’t.

They were so beautiful ….

8 Responses to “The Huntington”

  1. Laura M

    Oh wow, thank you so much for this post. I have been trying to find the name out of this place since I was in junior high school. We went for a field trip, wanted to take my son and the teacher that took us was gone. Could never remember the name. That place was so beautiful and amazing.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      You’re welcome. It is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to make a few more trips up there – and that’s saying something when I absolutely hate the drive north to L.A!

  2. Gaelyn

    Haven’t been there since I was a teenager but remember being very impressed with the gardens.

  3. Judi

    I haven’t been in about 15 years, but I loooooove that place. The tea room is a lovely experience. A friend of mine was lucky enough to have a research internship there for a year and really got to explore the whole place. I love all of it, the art, the libraries and the gardens.

    If you want someone to help schlep your equipment when you go back, I work cheap. 😉

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Let me know when you’d want to go Judi. I can’t wait to get back up there. Just be pre-warned … I’ll be taking lots of photos! : )

  4. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Oh, my! No, I’ve never seen dark purple roses before – they are stunning! What a marvelous looking place; I wish I could go!


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