This Is The Post Where I Vent And Go Off On Tangents

I’m on pain meds as a result of overdoing my beginning-of-the-season swimming.

(I thought I was being SO careful, but …!)

Stress and pain are not a good combination, by the way.

Today, I’m going to share a potpourri from my drug-addled brainwaves.

•  We had a 3.9 earthquake here yesterday.  That’s pretty small as earthquakes go, but since the epicenter was very close by – it was quite a jolt.  Also?  It was a jolt-y type earthquake.  Some of them are more rolling-ish.  Like I said, this one was quite a jolt!  (The worst part of a quake that size, is wondering if it’s just a pre-shock for a much bigger one to come.)

•  Shortly after the quake, my garage flooded.  The two events aren’t related, but it made for a very bad start to my Monday.  Why do things like flooding garages never happen when my husband is home (and I’m gone)?

•  We store a lot of crap in our garage.  (No attics or basements in most California homes!)  The flooding resulted in a lot of wet crap.  You can imagine how fun that was.  Water pouring everywhere, (one-armed) me trying to move/save things, call people for help, etc., etc.

•  My son works out with a very hot trainer.  Do you think I would benefit from  having a hot trainer?

•  The spa event I attended at Burke Williams last week was really nice.  I was given, among other things, a (complimentary) facial.  I don’t usually like facials, but it was SO nice!  I’ll tell you more about it soon.

•  Speaking of faces/facials – do you use any type of Vitamin C Serum (or Vitamin C treatment) on your skin?

•  There was a memorial for my friend, Val, on the beach last Thursday.  It was such a pretty evening.  Pelicans were diving as the sun set, and dolphins were frolicking nearby.  She would have loved it.  The beaches in California can be so beautiful.

Photo:  California Coast

•  It takes my breath away when Facebook tells me “Val likes XXXXX.”  I’ve never really thought about how our Internet lives continue after we’re gone.  I know I’ll get used to it in time, but ….

•  Phoebe has laid two eggs in her nest.  (Her nest is, once again, in the rocks of our pool grotto.)  I’ll let you know if we get more eggs.  Last year there were four.

•  My landscaper friend is coming by to plant our orange and lime trees today.  (Margaritas anyone?)

•  My Golden Retriever, Doc, had to have minor surgery last weekend.  He’s old and things are starting to go wrong.  So far, thankfully, it has just been little things.  He has to wear The Cone of Shame for about a week.

Photo:  Doc, Golden Retriever, wearing The Cone of Shame

•  I officially signed a new contract with GigaSavvy (my web designers) yesterday.  Things got delayed with the craziness of last week.  I’ll keep you updated as they make progress on changes here at Twenty Four At Heart.  What a difference a really professional web designer makes!  (They’ve helped me patch up a few problems in the past.)  What do I like most about them?  They understand the goal is to make things easier for me and easier for you.

•  Attention Internet Asshole:  I never lie to my readers.  Accusing me of lying will get you on my shit list, really quickly.  I love my readers and my integrity is very important to me.  If you want to get attention by leaving nasty comments and making weird, false, accusations – go somewhere else.

 Are we clear “Anonymous”??

•  Unrelated – but it’s worth saying ….    Readers are always welcome to disagree with my opinions in a respectful manner.  [I also always (please!!) want to know if my blog/photo site is doing anything wonky so I can fix it. ]

•  I’ve taken on way too many projects right now.  Who can I blame?  Only myself?  What’s wrong with me?  Does anyone want a job helping me?  I can’t pay you with anything but appreciation.  No???

•  I will be in Los Angeles for the remainder of the week. (I expect to take you right along with me, unless something funky happens with the hotel’s Internet.)  The trip is work/photography related, but I’m planning to tie in a visit to see my daughter too.

•  Being in L.A. means I’ll miss a PT session with The Neanderthal.  That is not a good thing this week.  (I’m a post-swim mess.)

•  I’m sorry if this is the most boring post ever.  Pain is not a good writing companion.  Tomorrow will be better.

•  I sure hope I get a really cool hotel room while I’m in L.A.  I’ll share my L.A. experience, either way!

14 Responses to “This Is The Post Where I Vent And Go Off On Tangents”

  1. karen

    Your posts are never boring. They’re REAL. I happen to really like that.. it’s the only kind of blog I bother with.

    LOVE that beach image. OMG. To live where you do? Lucky girl.

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Let me just ditto the two previous comments – never boring, yes to the hot trainer.

    I’m with you on the whole “too many projects” thing. Damn my need to earn a living…

  3. Diane

    Anonymous commenters… ugh. They never have nice things to say. The best we can do is just delete their remarks and move forward with our blogs. Sorry about the garage flooding. Water does so much damage to everything it touches sometimes… bleh.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      There should be a rule: No leaving nasty comments without leaving your full name, phone number and address. The lack of accountability is what assholes count on.

  4. David

    Why is there always an anonymous internet buttwipe??

    I’ve been keeping up with your stuffs for a long time, Suzanne.

    It’s always refreshing and the pics make me smile. Sometimes even sad (Val)..but it’s sharing with your readers. Theraputic as well.

    Keep up the good work..and if you’d like to forward buttwipe’s IP…I have skillz..hehe.

    Oh..I could care less about the trainer..but your comments about such is always entertaining!! 🙂


    • Twenty Four At Heart

      What a nice comment David. And yes, there’s always at least one, isn’t there?
      It’s so nice to hear from you David – thanks for checking in!

  5. Gaelyn

    Pain and stress are the worst for getting sick. I speak from current experience. But looks like that coastline could make me feel better. The hot trainer would have been handy moving wet boxes. Sorry about Doc’s collar of shame. May you all feel better soon. Have fun in LA.

    Fuck the anonymous assholes of the world.

  6. Jane

    I was sorry to hear about your friend Val. I had a friend who died unexpectedly this year also. Just yesterday, I saw his name pop up on Facebook and it brought the sadness and unbelieveableness (word?) back. So….just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      It’s true … when someone goes so suddenly, and so young, it’s hard to grasp they’re really gone. It is very difficult to believe. I’m sorry for your loss …!!


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