A VIP Evening With Burke Williams

My California readers are probably already familiar with Burke Williams.

For those of you who live further away, Burke Williams is a day spa here in California.  They have several locations within the state.

When we (locals) talk about Burke Williams Spa we tend to get a little misty-eyed.

It’s just so … nice.

A few weeks ago the spa threw a promotional event at their Mission Viejo (South Orange County) location.

I was thrilled to be invited.

Photo:  Self Portrait taken in the reflection of the Burke Williams sign.

My camera was invited to the event also, of course.

The evening had a few sponsors, one of which was Little Black Dress Vodka.

Photo:  Little Black Dress Vodka.    

I said, “Thank you, LBD, I will!”

The vodka was a nice touch.  I had come straight from the longest day ever in L.A.  Being handed a cocktail upon arrival, instantly set my “relax” button.

There were a lot of OC women at this event.  (About one hundred, I think!)

[I hid behind my camera, because there’s no telling what OC women will do (especially while drinking vodka)!]

Photo:  A room full of OC women

I was really excited when I discovered my favorite bakery, Meringue Bake Shop, was also sponsoring the event.


Photo:  Cupcakes baked by Meringue Bake Shop

Don’t tell anyone, but I stole two cupcakes from their display.  I stuck them in my purse and took them home to my son.  He inhaled both of them within seconds of my return home.  (He loves their cupcakes!)

Guests of the event were spoiled and pampered.

Photo:  Paraffin treatment for our hands.

We also each had a choice of receiving a massage or a facial.

I decided on the complimentary facial because my skin has been unusually dry lately.  My facial was about a half hour long, and it was absolutely wonderful.  I almost fell asleep on the table.  (Did I mention, longest day ever?)  I’m not usually a facial-loving person, but it was so relaxing and soothing.  The esthetician mentioned I should start using a Vitamin C serum on my skin.  It’s one of those things I’ve read about, known about, been meaning to do ….

At the end of the night, guests also received a spa gift bag.

(I love getting presents, don’t you?)

Inside the gift bag was a three day pass to use the spa.

The gift bag also contained lavender-chamomile scented:  body butter, a massage candle, soap, and room/body mist.

It all smells so yummy.

Sigh …

Just writing this has made me crave spa time.

It’s definitely time to take advantage of the pass they gave me.

(Thank you Burke Williams, for the gift bag AND a great evening!)

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  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I’m so jealous; up here in Podunk, when you say “spa” it usually involves a tiny Asian woman with cuticle scissors and a vibrating chair. *sigh*


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