Beach This, Beach That

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I’m going to share a few assorted (not taken on the same day) beach photos today.

To be honest, it makes for an easy post.

I’ve been in quite a pain “episode” since my trip to L.A. a couple weeks ago.

My flipped out/damaged nerves seem incapable of calming down.  I’m not sure what I did to aggravate my injuries, but I did something.

(It isn’t my “normal” type of pain either which is frustrating because, as evil as it is, I kind of understand that pain.)

Anyway …

I know it will pass, it always does given enough time.

In the meantime, I’m hanging on by my fingertips and taking a lot of deep breaths.

Looking at an assortment of beach photos, relaxes me and helps me (mentally) escape pain.

Maybe if I share them, you’ll feel a little less stressed today?

After all, who doesn’t need a mental vacation now and then?

Photo:  Laguna Beach homes

I’d love to live in Laguna Beach at some point.

I certainly spend a lot of my time there.

(Where do I buy a lottery ticket?)

The white stilt house you see on the sand in the above photo is actually very small on the inside.


It was recently listed for sale at 12 million dollars.

Photo:  Wooded area at Descanso Gardens.  This is NOT a beach.

OK, OK …

I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.  The above photo isn’t a beach photo, but it’s one of my recent favorites anyway.  I took it in a wooded area of Descanso Gardens.  The light was so yummy …!

Now …

Are you ready to go back to the beach …?

Beach sunset

Photo:  Almost sunset.  Blazing sun … can you feel the heat?

The above photo is in about the same place I later got drenched at.  Those rocks in the forefront of the photo?  Yeah, they don’t offer much protection from a sudden six foot wave.

Another photographer also got drenched when I did.  He was further down the beach.  He had just bought a new hat that same day.  It was lost.  We looked like two drowned rats as we commiserated over our soggy equipment.

Mother Nature always wins, doesn’t she?

By the way,

The sky looked lighter/brighter in “real” life than it does in the above photo.  I used a filter to tone down the brightness/glare.

I love this night photo:

House on an ocean bluff at sunset

Photo:  Dream house on a bluff by the ocean

Are you familiar with the blue hour?

Photographers love the golden hour and the blue hour.

I was so lucky to be in the perfect spot, at the perfect time, to get the above photo.

And now …?

I’m off to visit with The Neanderthal.

12 Responses to “Beach This, Beach That”

  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Your blog has been duly “liked” ma’am.

    I’m sorry you’re in such a bad spot pain-wise, Suzanne. I’m sending lots of calm, pain-free thoughts your way.

  2. Gaelyn

    Thanks for taking us to the beach. Hope the Neanderthal can help with the pain.

  3. Erica

    Sun_Ocean_W is surreal and intense. I think that some of your photos are a little like seeing the world when high. Please, keep it up. 🙂

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Ha ha!
      I take that as a compliment Erica.
      It’s a good thing to see the world a little differently when you’re into photography!

  4. Erica

    Not that I’ve ever been high. I just can’t imagine the point unless it makes the world look like that. 😀

  5. karen

    Oh, these images are just stunning!!!… I hope to get out there and see all this for myself one day.

    Sorry you’re in such a pain flare, they SUCK and really drag you down. Hoping you find your normal again soon…

  6. Michelle

    I keep getting drawn back to the not a Beach photo! 🙂 That is my mini-holiday today.


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