Beautiful Beach Weekend

I had a really busy day last Friday.

Towards the end of the day, when most people were probably beginning Friday late afternoon Happy Hour to kick off their weekend,

I was still out-and-about running boring errands.

Suddenly, I decided to just STOP for a minute.

It had been gray and beach-foggy all week.

It was, finally, a beautiful day.

I pulled over my car, parked, and decided I’d give myself a half hour of “me” time.

Photo:  Laguna Beach

I still had a lot of things I “had” to do before the day was over, which was frustrating.

I love to be on the beach as the day ends.

It’s one of my favorite things in the world.

Regretfully, after a short break, I was a responsible adult and continued on with my adult responsibilities.

Don’t you just hate when you have to do that?

Luckily, Saturday was another beautiful day.

I made sure to get to the beach towards the end of the day.

It ended up being one of my more “interesting” beach visits.

At one point, my husband might have yelled (loudly!) at me about ruining my brand new camera.

Which I didn’t.

And blah, blah, blah – Why do you always have to get so damn close to the waves?

Who ME?

The camera is fine.

More than fine, really.

The camera is excellent.

But … it’s visiting the Canon service center today.


I was being really careful, of course.

The tide was high and the waves kept wanting to splash me/my camera.

I swear, wherever I moved to –

The ocean was after me!

Um …

Did I mention it was a beautiful evening?


Photo:  Laguna Beach

Not long after I took the above photo,

A huge “rogue” wave came and I went from being a very cautious (!!) photographer,

To being a completely submerged wet rat.


Relatively new camera?


(Did you know my stick-straight hair curls when it’s “conditioned” in sandy salt water?)

Did my husband get angry with me?

Oh, most definitely!

Canon’s purported improved weather sealing on their 5D line of cameras?


I kept shooting for another forty minutes.

The camera works great still.

I even took it with me up to L.A. all day Sunday.

(Yes, another trip to L.A. – Santa Monica, this time.  More on the reason for that soon!)

So why did I drop my camera at a Canon Factory Service Center for service today?

I’m pretty sure a good cleaning would benefit a camera submerged in salt water and sand.

On the other hand,

Do you know how uncomfortable it is to  wear/walk around in/shoot photos while wearing heavy, soaking wet, SWEATS?

Especially with a big dose of sand tossed in for good measure?

Extra especially at night with a nice crisp breeze off the ocean?

The good news is, the camera held up to terrible abuse wonderfully.

The even better news …?

The beautiful evening turned into a beautiful night.

Laguna Beach at Night


10 Responses to “Beautiful Beach Weekend”

  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    They do love to yell, don’t they? *sigh*

    The photo of Laguna Beach is absolutely spectacular – one of my favorites so far. Worth the risk, in my opinion!

  2. Gaelyn

    That beach and wave shot at Laguna is Fantastic. Nice to hear the camera did so well, but a good idea to clean the salt and sand out of it.

    So all his yelling did no good. Is there a lesson here? 😉

  3. Diane

    My husband would have an absolute fit if I let my camera get hit with a wave.

    Salt in the britches sounds uncomfortable and sorta scratchy too.

    Nice pics today… really love all of them!

  4. Sara

    The photo of Laguna Beach is simply beautiful. How I wished I lived near you so I could take lessons from you. I would so pay:)

  5. di

    The second and third photos are some of the best I have seen….especially the second I love it so beautiful. So I say it was worth a little bit of yelling and some water and sand 🙂


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