Day Trippin’

I like to go places.

I like to see things when I go places.

Otherwise, why go?!

Often, when I travel, I’m working a good part of the time.

And by working, I mean I’m at a conference,

Or in meetings,

Or at a seminar,

Or meeting up with other photographers and/or bloggers to discuss some type of project,

Or possibly actually working on a particular project with the people I’m meeting with.

The Naked Cowboy, NYC

Photo:  The Naked Cowboy, New York City

In the above photo, I particularly love the woman in the purple tank top, seen in the background.

She looks SO touristy.  It makes me smile every time I look at her.

Chinatown, San Francisco

Photo:  Chinatown, San Francisco, at night

It’s fun to see different places, and explore what they’re all about.

Acorn Street, Boston, MA

Photo:  Acorn Street, Boston MA

Every city has its own special, unique, things to offer.

“What’s different here?” I ask myself over and over again.

Not for photography purposes,

But because the joy of traveling is in seeing/exploring/experiencing the things you can’t see at home.

Ice Cream Cart in Los Angeles

Photo:  Ice Cream Cart in Los Angeles

It doesn’t matter if I’m visiting someplace far away, or local.

It’s all about what’s different from what I have in my day to day life.

Photo:  San Francisco

I’m looking forward to returning to San Francisco next week.

It’s going to be a crazy-busy week.

Most of my time will be spent at the conference, not sight seeing.

If the conference gets dull, I won’t hesitate to play hookie.

I’ll bring you right along with me, of course.

6 Responses to “Day Trippin’”

  1. Gaelyn

    I’d take that naked cowboy home in a heartbeat.

    Have fun in San Fransisco, my favorite city. Hope you get out to do some sightseeing.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I bet you do!
      Thanks Sandra.
      Right now it looks like I will be booked the whole trip except for Thursday morning. I know you’ll be at work then ….


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