Follow Up Friday

I’m so glad it’s Friday,  how about you?

I’ve been in a pain flare-up ever since I went to L.A.

As a result, The Neanderthal hurt me more than normal this week.

A little while ago I took a pain pill.

I, apparently, didn’t have enough to eat prior to taking it …

I can’t seem to THINK now, so it’s Follow Up Friday time.

•  Yesterday’s post about cell phone manners seems to have hit a nerve with a LOT of people!  If you missed it, you can read it (and some very interesting comments) by clicking here.

•  Orange County has had crappy Gray May/June Gloom weather this week.  We’ve had such a thick layer of beach/marine fog, its been gray all day, every day.  It’s my least favorite California weather.  (It’s supposedly going to be improving this weekend.)

Photo:  Man at Orange County beach during Gray May foggy weather

•  I had a meeting with my web designers this week.  They’re hard at work on some of the changes I promised for this little blog of mine.  For those of you waiting for more photography news/info/tips – I appreciate your patience.

•  The whole process of purchasing my prints will be much easier in the next few weeks, but my print prices will be increasing at the re-launch.  (I’m sorry about the price increase, but it can’t be helped due to some of the upcoming changes.)  I wanted to let everyone know in advance in case there’s a print you’ve been been meaning to purchase.

•  My earthbox is doing great.  I know it isn’t “really” gardening if other people’s arms had to do a lot of the initial work, but it makes me so happy to have a (mini) garden again.  My basil is growing like a weed – I have more basil than I know what to do with!  (If you live locally, let me know if you’d like some.)  The cilantro I planted wasn’t doing too well at first, but it’s finally taking off too.  (I even used it in a recipe last night!)  In addition, I’ve added some sage and rosemary to the same planter.  (I have a separate pot with mint in it, too.)

•  I added another earthbox last weekend (with lots of help, of course!) and planted one Early Girl and one Red Cherry tomato plant in it.  Will they be able to survive ME??

•  When I was at the OC Pet Expo I met a hairless dog for the first time.  He was a funny looking creature, and it felt really strange to pet him.

Photo:  Hairless dog

•  The best way to clean a bottleneck hummingbird feeder is to use the brushes made to clean fish aquariums.  (Fish aquarium brushes can be found at your local pet store!)

Photo:  Hummingbird drinking at feeder

•  I continue to love using Farm Fresh to You for home delivery of organic produce.  This week I was excited to see baby bok choy in my box.  Yes, little things like cute baby bok choys DO make me happy!

Photo:  Organic produce delivered to my house by Farm Fresh to You.  (Discount code:  6164 available)

Last photo, for today anyway,

One of my favorite flower photos from my day at The Huntington:

Photo titled:  I Miss Being Entwined With You

I hope you have a great weekend!

10 Responses to “Follow Up Friday”

  1. karen

    Beautiful images, as always – we’ve had the same gloom here… but much needed so I won’t gripe. One more day of it and I might.

    I’d love to see a pic of your earthbox.. never heard the term before!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      We finally got some sun this afternoon. Yay!
      I’ll put an earthbox photo up … it’s just a type of container garden.

  2. Suzanne Y.

    Beautiful pictures (as always!) My husband surprised me this morning with a BRAND NEW Nikon 5100 and Tamron 18-270 mm lens. Still striving to improve my photo ability with you as inspiration.

    We are going to Bracken Cave near San Antonio, TX) this weekend to see the Mexican free-tail bats emerge after sunset. (FYI – Bracken Cave houses a colony of over 20 million bats, making it the largest known concentration of mammals).

    ANYWAY, he got me the new camera as an early Mother’s Day gift knowing I would want quality pictures for this weekend.

    Love my man and LOVE my new camera!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Enjoy your trip!
      Congratulations on your new camera. The lens sounds like a great multi-purpose lens. I’m sure it will get used a LOT! : )

  3. Gaelyn

    You could make a Lot of pesto.

    I get tired of gray days very quickly. Not a problem as it’s been sunny at the canyon.

    Beautiful flower.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I don’t think I could ever live somewhere that gets a lot of gray. It is so … bleh. Yes, I think I’ll be making pesto … and everything else basil-related I can think of! : )

  4. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Alas, we no longer plant Early Girl tomatoes; while they’re not GMO (they’re a hybrid), the company that sells and brokers the seeds is owned by Monsanto, and we’re boycotting them.

    Is that last flower a columbine? It looks like one, but different from the ones growing in our garden.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I think it’s a type of columbine, Jan.
      (They pride themselves on all sorts of variations of different flowers at Huntington Gardens.)

      I’m not a Monsanto fan either – I didn’t realize they were in the tomato business!

  5. Judi

    I am determined to make pesto this year, and my basil is growing but is simultaneously being eaten by some kind of bug. Just got some organic bug spray and hope it works!

    Thanks for the heads up about photo prices going up, I need to place my order.

    That CSA box looks so good!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I’ve heard basil really attracts bugs. I’ve been lucky so far. I was pre-warned though so I bought some organic bug spray at the nursery. I imagine I’ll have to use it soon, but so far I’ve been okay.


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