Glimpses of the G+ Photographer’s Conference

I haven’t taken many photos while at this photography conference.

It makes me smile to type that sentence.

I’ve also officially reached the point of complete exhaustion.

I’m writing this while taking a break “to charge my batteries” in my hotel room.

(My shoes and pants might be off.  TMI?)

Yesterday, Sergey Brin made an appearance at the conference to talk about Google’s Project Glass.  It was pretty cool.

Google's Project Glass

We were shown some great photos taken from Project Glass camera glasses.  (The photos are about the same level of photo quality as you get with a phone.)

The glasses make for an awesome perspective for photos.

Right after lunch, Lotus Carroll took this photo of me:

Suzanne Haggerty with Snoring Man at G+ Photographer's ConferenceA big group of us had just returned from lunch.

As you can see from the empty seats, a lot of people hadn’t made it back from lunch yet.  (The room filled up completely a short time later.)

I was messaging with Lotus, who was seated in front of me about how LOUDLY the man behind me was snoring.  Trey Ratcliff was walking by, and the poor guy was sleeping too soundly to even notice.

Hey, I wanted a post-lunch nap too … but!

Lotus’s photo makes me laugh.  She sent it out to her (many) followers with the following:

+Suzanne Haggerty is struggling to hear +Brian Rose over this guy’s snoring… Someone wake him up and tell him he missed +Trey Ratcliff walking by in his tear away hot pants! 

Who says we don’t have fun at conferences?

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  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    It sounds like a great deal of fun! And the photo makes me laugh, too – it’s so something Beloved would do.


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