My (Recent) Life In Photos

I had a lot of fun as a panelist on Photo Talk Plus last night!

Yesterday was my (oldest) son’s first full day home.  It’s SO nice to have him home again.

(Of course, the daily routines I had prior to his arrival have gone right out the window.)

The Neanderthal (my physical therapist) saw fit to do an exceptionally long, brutal, treatment on me yesterday afternoon.

He did so because:

•  I’m really screwed up.  (You’re surprised to hear that, aren’t you?)

•  In addition to using a camera which I’m not able to hold “normally”, I’ve also been swimming (one-armed) lately.

•  In other words, I’m over-using/over-stressing parts of my body to compensate for other disabled/non-working parts of my body.

•  I’m, therefore, more screwed up than usual.

•  I’m getting ready to travel which always ends badly as far as the upper right quadrant of my body is concerned.

I really (really, really!!) needed yesterday’s physical therapy session, but I almost passed out from pain in the process.

The Neanderthal actually oohed and ahhed with glee as he forced my damaged bits to comply with his every whim.

Wow -that last sentence sure sounded inappropriate, didn’t it?

As difficult (!!) as the treatments are,

And there really are no words to describe them,

I know they allow me to function at a higher level than I’d be able to otherwise.

(I have to remind myself of that fact frequently.)

Here are some random photos of what my eyes have been seeing lately:

Photo:  Orange County beach house

The house in the above photo has an amazing bluff top view of the ocean.

Last weekend, Briefcase and I took our retrievers out on a hike.

Trabuco CanyonPhoto:  The beginning of the hiking trail

They’re very lucky dogs.

(They get use of our swimming pool, lots of hiking and outdoor time, the beach ….)

Everywhere I turn I’m still seeing,

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers –

Pink Rose Bokeh

Photo:  This pink rose caught my attention

I have pots and pots of lavender in my backyard.

I love lavender.

Macro photo of a bee on lavender

Photo:  Bees think lavender is yummy!

Have I mentioned we’ve been getting some really beautiful sunsets?

This time of year the beach fog/beach haze adds  “that special something” to the atmosphere.

Sunset in San Clemente, California

6 Responses to “My (Recent) Life In Photos”

  1. karen

    I love seeing parts of your world, your day…. and I’m laughing… Only in California are hiking trails lined with fence and curb…

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      We have real hiking trails here … lots of them. My photo shows the equestrian trail which leads from Money Town … the fencing stops very quickly and the trails become “real” trails. The “curb” you see is actually not a curb but a drainage ditch. It’s there to protect the hillside so we don’t have mudslides, etc. when there’s rain. We don’t have good terrain to handle rain here ….!
      : )

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I agree with the fence and curb thing. 🙂 I also agree that I love seeing bits and pieces of your world through the lens of your camera; you are just so talented. Love both the bee and the sunset!


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