Preparing For A Trip

I hate packing for a trip.

I always seem to end up over-packing, while still managing to forget something essential I need.

I’ve traveled a lot (for both business and pleasure), so I really can’t use “lack of travel experience” as an excuse.

As fun as it is to BE someplace new/exciting/different,

It’s not a lot of fun to pack, or go through all the airport hassles of flying.

It seems like once upon a time, travel was easier.

Do you ┬áremember when “taking a flight” was exciting and fun?

Hummingbird in flight

7 Responses to “Preparing For A Trip”

  1. Diane

    It’s true. Flying was a fun adventure at one time. Now it’s simply a pain and I only do it when absolutely necessary, which is rarely. Great photo of one of my favorite sweet birds.

  2. Missy

    I remember as a young girl getting dressed up to fly! It was like a party.

  3. Suzanne Y.

    LOVE the picture of the hummingbird. Amazing really.

    And I abhor packing. I always wait to the last minute. I always take too many shoes. It’s stupid, but I do it every time.

  4. Gaelyn

    Packing is a pain and so are airports. Once in the air, I’m fine. And used to dress up but now go for comfort.

  5. Kathy

    I hate HATE packing! I used to be okay with it…until I had to do consecutive four week trips for work. Packing for those was a nightmare. Now I’m just done. My husband travels a lot for work. If he wants me to come with him, my packing is a joint effort cuz I’m lazy like that ­čÖé

    Those four week trips, I honestly don’t know how I did it. I was a single mom with two daughters at home…17 and 7 (do I know how to space ’em out or what?). I was lucky the 17 year old was mature beyond her years. Still…it was daunting trying to prepare for all contingencies while I was gone. And crazy-making being gone.

    Never again…thank goodness!


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