Random Wednesday

I’ve got so much in my head right now,

Is it okay if I just spill some of it out in scattered randomness?

•  I’m scheduled to be a panelist on Photo Talk Plus tonight at 8 p.m. Pacific time.  It will be airing on VidCast Network.  I hope you can watch.  I’m even going to put mascara on!  It should be a lot of fun.  (I plan to drink wine while the show is being recorded.)

•  Yesterday, I watched a woman with misplaced eyebrows beat the hell out of a watermelon at Trader Joe’s.  I swear, cameras should just follow me around all day and tape the reality I live in.  It was such an odd, comical, sight.

•  Next week, I’ll be in San Francisco for four days.  (Monday – Thursday)  My primary reason for the trip is to participate in the Google + Photographer’s Conference.  I can’t wait to see some of my photographer friends.

•  I submitted a few of my photos for “Blind Photo Critiques” at the conference.  In other words, my artwork will be ripped to shreds in a public forum.  (Conference members won’t know who submitted the photos for critiquing.)

•  Why the hell did I do that?  I’m already so nervous about it, I want to BLEH all over the place.  (I’ll be the one running out of the conference and throwing up in the bathroom!)

•  If you think you don’t care what people think of your photos, submit them to the world’s best photgrapher’s for critique and prove yourself wrong.

•  Traveling is always really difficult for me due to my disabled arm/luggage/photo gear/laptop.  I might need a separate suitcase just for painkillers.

•  I recently made a purchase from Camilla.  I love their tunics/kaftans/beachy clothes.  Camilla is very “in” lately for celebrities and everyone else who lives a beachy lifestyle.  (I realize not all of you live somewhere beachy, but I’ve been hunting for something like this for my Kauai trip.  Living where I do, I can also wear stuff like this year round both at the beach and at the pool.)

•  Hypothetically, if you order something from Camilla, which is located in Australia, your credit card company might promptly call your house to see if there’s fraud involved since your credit card was used outside of the country.

•  Hiding a purchase from your husband might be impossible if something like that were to happen.

 Not that I would know, of course.

•  I love Moleskine notebooks way too much.  Do you?

•  I have a 17 year old and a 21 year old “boy” in the house right now.  I’ve never seen food disappear so quickly!

•  Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?  I haven’t.  I hear it’s poorly written and juvenile, but it’s SO popular.  I guess because it has a lot of sex in it?

•  Maybe I should write bad sex novels and become rich?

•  When I get old(er) I’m going to buy an old funky camera, sell all my new-er-ish photography gear, and go everywhere I can with an old funky camera and one lens.

•  Speaking of selling gear, I’m going to sell some barely used lenses, etc., sometime soon.  I’ll let you guys have first dibs.

•  Phoebe’s babies hatched.

Birds nest with babies

Photo:  Newly hatched Black Phoebe babies in their nest (in our pool grotto).

•  I got an “alert” on Facebook Messenger yesterday.  When I went to retrieve my message, instead of seeing the message I was just sent, a message from my friend Val (who recently died) popped up saying, “Call me!”  It was a quick, sharp, stab to the heart.

•  Life is short people –

Be kind to each other, and look for the joy in it – even if you have to look REALLY hard.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Congrats on the photo talk. Will try to check it out.

    It would be interesting to get a photo critique and hopefully lots of suggestions.

    Yet another crazy busy week for you.


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