Sandals, and Wardrobes

My daughter, who is now 22 years old (!!), is getting her Master’s degree this month.

As her graduation present, I took her out to do some shopping last Sunday.  She’s making the transition from a college wardrobe to a working wardrobe.

In fact, she’s already started working at a business which expects its employees to dress very fashionably.

Nice clothes are expensive.

It’s difficult to come right out of the blocks with a fashionable working wardrobe when you’re just beginning your career and have no money.

We decided to meet at Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade because it provides:   a)  Shopping   b)  Dining/lunch   c)  Entertainment (street performers)   d)   The beach – just a block away.

I hate shopping, so why not try to make it as fun as possible?

We had a budget, and it didn’t include enough for everything she needs.

(Wouldn’t it be fun if it did?!)

I do like a challenge though, so we got busy purchasing an assortment of skirts/tops/shoes/cardigans/etc. she can mix and match.

At the end of the day, I looked at what we accomplished and I felt we did a good job maximizing her graduation budget.

As her paychecks come in, she can gradually add on to what we purchased.

(That is, if there’s anything left after she pays her rent ….)

Spending the day shopping, and seeing all the nice clothes out in the stores, made me realize how poorly I dress.

Granted, almost every day I find myself laying down on the ground to take photos.

Or climbing walls.

Or sweating profusely with a photography backpack glued to my skin.

Still …?

Maybe I should make a little more effort and wear something other than baggy yoga pants, a t-shirt, and sneakers filled with sand?

I think I might go pick up a few things for me, sometime soon.

I did make one purchase for myself while we were out, though.

I remembered I had a $100 gift card in my wallet.  I’ve had it for ages, and I’ve been meaning to use it for months.

(I received the gift card for winning a photography contest.)

I decided I’d use the card to buy myself some sandals.

Photo:  DV by Dolce Vita Flavia Sandal

Aren’t they cute?

(And I got them for “free” due to the gift card I won, with money leftover to spare!)

Won’t they look nice with my old, faded, baggy, yoga pants?

No …??

11 Responses to “Sandals, and Wardrobes”

  1. karen

    Love the sandals! Fun colors…

    and.. my daughter is 22 and graduation ceremony is this Saturday!… Congrats to yours as well…

  2. Michelle

    Love the sandals. I’m currently looking for ankle boots, as my daughter steals my more comfy no-heel pair 2 out of 3 times I want to wear them!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Aren’t daughters great at that?
      My daughter and I wear the same size shoes. When she was living at home, we could share.

  3. Diane

    Just great looking sandals… I am envious of ladies who can wear things between their toes and be comfortable.

  4. Gaelyn

    I do most of clothes shopping at thrift stores but I’m not out to be fashionable, just comfortable. Cute sandals.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I love a good thrift store and I’m ALL about being comfortable.
      My daughter, however, has to wear dresses/skirts every day.

  5. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Thank gawd for separates – I’d be lost, fashion-wise, without them. I still don’t dress “fashionably” – I wear jeans and slacks with a tank top covered with a long-sleeve, button up shirt over it in the winter, and capris with a tank top and a short-sleeve, button-up shirt over it in the summer. It works for me.

  6. Jessica Beike

    I was searching for Wardrobes and found your blog. Really nice article though. Please keep posting about these things. Thanks, Jessica Beike.


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