Summer in Southern California

It suddenly feels like summer again.

•  My high school aged son, PR,  took his last Advanced Placement exam for the year yesterday.

He still has over a month of school until summer break, but the big “junior year pressure” has now lessened.

(Of course, he still has prom and an SAT test ahead of him … so the high school pressure isn’t completely off.)

After the AP exam yesterday, I let him play hookie from his other classes and took him out to lunch.

Then we came home, just the two of us, and watched Captain America.

I laughed a lot.

It made for a really nice, unplanned, afternoon.

•  I have a new bikini waxer (“waxologist”) this summer too.

She asked me for details about “the Burke Williams event” when I had my appointment with her recently.

It startled me.

I did a mid-bikini-wax double take.

(And that’s not an easy thing to do!)

My initial reaction was … how do you know about the Burke Williams event?

Then, in a flash, the light bulb went on.

A near-total-stranger is reading about my life on the Internet,

And then ripping my pubes out the day she meets me.

Did you know there are over 3 million people living in Orange County?

How likely is it that the person pouring hot wax on my girly bits would be reading Twenty Four At Heart?

•  Tonight my older son, RC, will get home from college.

He took his finals last week and his summer break has officially begun.

RC will be in Orange County off and on all summer.

I haven’t seen him since Christmas.


I’ve never gone this long, without seeing one of my kids.

I really miss him.

I’m so happy he’ll be home for awhile.  There will be squealing (and possibly happy tears) at my house tonight.

•  There are other reasons it feels like summer here also.

Doc, my Golden Retriever, and I have both been swimming a lot recently.

The weather is warm, the pool is warm – it’s hard for either of us to resist.

I’m trying to be exceedingly careful with my arm.  (I use a kickboard most of the time to avoid worsening my, already bad, pain levels.)

Doc likes to retrieve the kickboard, as you can see in the above photo.

(Doc’s love of retrieving sometimes becomes a problem when I’m not done using the kickboard yet.)

•  At the end of each day, I feel the pull to the ocean.

There are sunsets to watch.

There are ocean breezes to feel.

I feel compelled to take long walks on the sand.

Suddenly, even the end of each day feels like summer.

Diving pelican

8 Responses to “Summer in Southern California”

  1. karen

    You live in such a beautiful place… I know I say that often… I can’t imagine what it’s like to live where the weather is pretty awesome most of the time and the beach is do-able year round. Even your pool looks like paradise. 🙂

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thank you Karen. Yes, the beach is doable all year. I actually like fall at the beach the most. Oh, and when we get storms … which doesn’t happen often enough. We’re very lucky with the pool too … I just wish we could afford to keep it heated year round! : )

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    The black thing in the sky over the water appears to be a pelican, making a dive – he must see a tasty fish down there.

    The Young One takes his exams the week after next, and then we start gearing up for the Big Senior Year. I’m not sure I have enough money for this and car insurance, frankly.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Yes – it’s a pelican! : )
      We see them diving all day, but dinner time definitely seems to be around sunset. They dive and dive and dive! : )

      Yes, it gets very expensive. AP exams cost a lot. We have prom next week ($$), then a lot of end of the year expenses. School doesn’t finish up until late June here. My son is on notice that he “must” get a job in the next few weeks as school winds down.

  3. Gaelyn

    Yippee for family visits.

    Always a surprise when someone knows you, but then us bloggers do put ourselves out there.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I’m really looking forward to having him for a visit, of course. Remind me of that when he leaves the kitchen messy and eats nonstop like boys do at that age! : )


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