Would You Pay $1,650 For A Bath?

While I was in San Francisco last week (for the Google + Photographer’s Conference), I was fortunate enough to stay at the St. Regis.

I ended up at the St. Regis because it’s conveniently located directly across the street from the Yerba Buena Center For  The Arts where the conference was held.

I didn’t have a rental car this trip, so I needed a hotel within walking distance to the conference.

(There’s an additional possibility, I procrastinated booking a hotel room until everything more affordable was booked.  Oops!)

I like nice hotels just like everybody else.

However, if a Motel 6 had been directly across the street from the conference instead of a St. Regis, I would have been perfectly okay with it.

(I’d rather spend money on gear than hotels.  I have a Photography Problem.)

That being said, the St. Regis is a very, very, nice place to stay.

I enjoyed my visit.

As I fell into my room, utterly exhausted, each day –

I appreciated how NICE the hotel was.

And the staff … well, they were amazing too.

My room had shades that went up and down with a mere touch of a button.

I might have played with the buttons over and over!

St Regis hotel suite

There was another button to push which told the staff “Do Not Disturb” when I was busy snoozing.

(Hanging a little sign on your hotel room door is so old fashioned, right?)

It was kind of funny to push the “Do Not Disturb” button, wait a minute, and then push the “Make Up The Room” button.

And then do it all over again, real quickly, and laugh.

(Thank you St. Regis for being such a good sport and humoring my inappropriate sense of humor!)

There was an extra flat screen TV in the bathroom so I wouldn’t get bored while looking at myself in the mirror.

(Surprisingly, I looked exactly the same as I did when I left Orange County!)

St. Regis hotel bathroom

A professional baseball team and a “Royal Family” were guests at the St. Regis at the same time I was.

So …

Here’s my question –

Does anyone (including Royal Families) really pay $1,650 for a bath?

“To experience the finest in luxury and relaxation, please ring your St. Regis Butler.”

Personally, for $1,650 I’d expect my St. Regis Butler to be amazingly hawt –

And also provide me with a full body massage and a very happy ending.

Wouldn’t you?

Even if I had more money than any bazillionaire in the world (which I don’t), I wouldn’t want to spend it on a bath.

Why wouldn’t Mr./Ms. Bazillionaire just send a staff member to buy a bottle of topnotch champagne and a jar of caviar … and save themselves $1,400 or so?

Do bazillionaires have Expensive Bath Problems like I have a Photography Problem?

Just think, if Mr./Mrs. Bazillionaire turned the spigot themselves –

They could donate a bunch of their extra cash to someone who needs it for food, or shelter.

8 Responses to “Would You Pay $1,650 For A Bath?”

  1. Gaelyn

    Guess I’m cheap because even paying over $100 for a room is too much for a bed and toilet. Yet your room at the St Regis looks very nice.

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    *sigh* I want that room. But, yeah – for $1,650 I bet I could not only get a bath, champagne and caviar but a nice cabana boy to attend it all, with plenty left over.

  3. Anne

    At the ripe age of 80 I have just recently developed a taste for nice hotel rooms. Last fall Jerry and I stayed at the Mark Hopkins in San Francisco when we went to the wedding of my cousin’s son. (She’s a vice pres. of Colgate Palmolive, so the wedding was pretty elegant). Both Jerry and I loved the Mark Hopkins, and it wasn’t nearly as fancy as the room you had. But it sure beat The Black Bear Motel in Davenport WA.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I like nice hotel rooms too … it’s just that I always can find better things to spend money on. At conferences, especially, the schedule is usually so busy – there’s very little time to actually be at the hotel.

  4. Kathy

    Jeeze, let me know the next time you’re staying in such a swank place and want someone to be your equipment pack mule. Pick me!!

    …and those Lidocaine patches in the picture look familiar. Ouch.


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