Are You Old Before Your Time?

Mocha bows her head and licks my leg once.

I look up from my laptop at her smiling Chocolate Labrador face.

She waits patiently as I lean forward, moan, and then scratch her ears.

Why did scratching my dog’s ears make me moan?

Apparently, I can’t do hours of squats one day, and then move (without moaning) for many days after.

I can swim, I can walk, I can hike with no problem.

But if I do squats … ouch!

Yesterday, I took time out from a very busy day to have lunch with a girlfriend.

I gently eased my sore body into the booth at the restaurant, laughing at how difficult it was for me to SIT.

I joked about how I’d be “better off” if I hadn’t ventured out of the house last weekend.

“If only I had an interest in daytime TV,”  I joked.

Our conversation progressed into a discussion on aging.

Why are some of our friends aging so much faster than others?

Why are some people we know “old” while still in their forties?

Why are some, older, people (friends who are in their eighties) young in comparison?

Sure, some people have to battle illnesses, or emotional, or psychological battles …

But assuming everything is as normal as it gets in life –

Why is there such a huge variance in how people age?

Of course, my girlfriend and I are Life-Solving-Experts, so we came to some expert conclusions.

We both agreed, aging is very, very, mental.

Sure genetics, nutrition, exercise – they all play important factors.

But …

A big part of aging is also a decision/choice.

Are you content to become The Sedentary Old Person, sitting on the couch watching TV all day?

Or are you going to be the person out living every moment of your life?

We decided the people we see aging well, are people who don’t think of themselves as being old.

The people who are aging well also:

•  Have multiple interests they’re involved in

•  Are active/involved in life

•  Continue learning, creating, stretching their brains.

•  Seek out new experiences/stimulation.

•  Fight to get back up when life knocks them on the ass.

The people who aren’t aging well:

•  Seem resigned they’re “already old” and ACT old, even when they’re still relatively young.

•  Think they’ve experienced the highlight(s) of their life already

•  Are content to be stuck in the status quo of life as it is.

•  Don’t seek out new experiences/stimulation.

•  Look at the downs in life as the inevitable way it’s going to be.

Where do I rank in the aging realm?

Well, I’m certainly not perfect … after all, I can barely walk after a squat workout.

But, on the other hand,  I am (still!)  Twenty Four At Heart.

How about you?

10 Responses to “Are You Old Before Your Time?”

  1. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Well, I’m aging, of course – but when I look in the mirror, I’m sometimes shocked to see the gray hair and lines (because they are NOT wrinkles) on my face. I don’t feel 49, and I’m determined NOT to be one of those old people on 12 different prescriptions who spend all their time complaining about their ailments. Just ain’t gonna do it.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I have plenty of wrinkles … I guess when I wrote this I was thinking more about a person’s state of mind vs. the state of their body! lol : )

  2. Gaelyn

    I have Peter Pan Syndrome and won’t grow up. But I can’t seem to fight time and gravity completely.

  3. Kathy

    I was shocked when I recently looked at my driver’s license picture from 3 years ago…I’ve aged so much! It made sense to me because of the pain I’ve been in made it easier to withdraw from life. But I need to rethink that.

    Maybe it’s because I don’t feel a sense of purpose since I went out on disability? Guess its time to get creative 🙂

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I sure know how that feels – pain is very aging! I also know it’s hard to deal with anything else when there’s a lot of pain in your life. At the same time, I never want to see pain win. It’s a constant struggle …! xo

  4. Dorothy

    My children are 30 and 32. Not possible since I am only 35. 😀 Then I look in the mirror. Oh yeah…forgot about those wrinkles and gray hair. Dammit. However. I take very little medicine, if any, and compared to my peers (the “kids” I graduated with), I look and act ten or more years younger. Can’t believe how much medicine they take and how much they complain about their health and life. My husband is also my age and looks far older than me so I must doing something right. Yay!
    I believe staying youthful is in my attitude and outlook. I see the good in people and life in general instead of focusing on the negative. It hangs on you when you only see a downside to everything. And drags you down with it. I stopped judging others a few years ago, as I now realise we all do the best we can with what we know. My husband judges everyone harshly and doesn’t even realise what he is doing. I know my judgements reflect on me and it’s not flattering. So I try to be, and project, love instead. You get back what you put out.
    Our thoughts are powerful things and we create with them! And when we stop learning and searching out new thoughts and ideas, fun and living, we start to die. Our body says, hmmmmm, we must be done here, let’s go Home now! Ever notice how many people retire, do nothing and die within a year? They have no outside interests and work was their only routine and outlet. I want to be Betty White when I grow up! I just hope I can still have my own teeth by then lol. (I am not a dental fan!)
    So I wrote a book, but it’s a subject I have pondered before….
    Stay 24! I was dumb at 24 so I prefer 35 lol.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      I love the “book” you wrote because it touches on so many things I agree with. We may not be able to stop wrinkle and/or gravity … but we can control our outlook towards life. “Living” vs existing … it’s such an important concept!

  5. Gina

    Not an aging comment, but I have to say that you have a couple of beautiful dogs! They look like they live well and are loved….

    In ref to a question from several posts ago….not many lightning bugs here yet (KS). Our spring/summer have been very dry. The air is usually filled with humidity (air you can wear), thus the summer nights filled with their light.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Thank you – they are very loved, and they’re spoiled! : )

      I think the lightning bugs are a little late to several places this year!


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