Behind The Scenes …

•  I spent a lot of yesterday trying to make some final decisions about photo storage.

My eyes glaze over every time photographers talk about their “RAID systems” and how they’ve configured them.

Ask me about cameras, but please don’t ask me technicalities about data storage.

I do know RAW photo files are huge.  (As are many types of media files:  music, videos, etc.)

I’d love it if I could afford a more advanced file storage system designed for businesses, but I can’t.

(I hear great things from many photographers about this system, but it’s way out of my price bracket.)

Instead, I tried to get something that can grow with me.  At the same time, I wanted to take advantage of the thunderbolt technology in my MacBook Pro.

My photos are now stored on a LaCie 4TB Thunderbolt Hard Drive.

(Warning:  You have to have thunderbolt for this particular drive!  Also, thunderbolt is amazingly FAST!))

Yes, I also have my files backed up in other locations.  (I hope you have multiple back-ups of your photos and important files also.)

My web designers tell me they’re getting very close to completing my website, so I will add “file storage” to the topics I will eventually talk about on my photography feed

•  Regarding the not-yet-done website –

I’ve been informed I’ll get a sneak peek at it this Wednesday, and hopefully it will go live after any minor details are adjusted in the few days after that.

Have I mentioned I’m very eager to have this site moved to a new server?  Dreamhost has had nonstop technical problems with their site in Irvine, which is my datacenter.  As a result, my site has been down a lot – and/or running very slowly.  One of the “behind the scenes” changes will be moving me to a different host.  This changes nothing for you … at least not outwardly.  Hopefully, it will mean everything runs smoother (and faster) though.


(Of course, parts of the new site won’t be up and running until I have time to do a little work of my own on them … but at least we’re making progress!)

•  I love visiting places, but I hate the hassle of travel.

I say this, as I look at all the things I need to get done before I leave on Friday.  (Better/more secure photo storage being one of them!)

The act of traveling is very difficult for me with my bum arm.  The fact I usually fly with professional photography gear which I can’t check makes it much harder.  Honestly, an enterprising person could make a lot of money by figuring out a way to make the whole flying-with-a-laptop,-a-tripod,-and-a-ton-of-gear thing easier.  On this trip, I know I’ll be taking my rolling photography case.  I haven’t quite figured out what to do about the additional carry ons of my tripod and laptop.  THREE carry-ons are not allowed.

•  You might have noticed, in anticipation of the new photography feed/site, I have recently partnered with B&H Photo.  (See the pretty ads in my sidebar?)

I’m honored, and looking forward, to having a working relationship with a company I highly respect.  I almost wet my pants when they called – but please don’t tell them that.

(Almost all my photography gear has been purchased from B&H – and omigod B&H called me and wanted to talk business!!!)

My relationship with B&H will allow me to do some great product reviews, giveaways, and provide some “insider information” for those of you who are interested in photography.  B&H carries everything photography-related, and a lot of different technology products.  It’s part of their awesome-ness-ish, and one of the many reasons I’ve been their customer.

B&H has also been very supportive, and very patient, with my website re-design (and my grammar).

I look forward to working with them, and bringing the benefits of that relationship to YOU via my photography feed.

•  OK, so now you know why I might seem like a disorganized mess lately.  

For one thing, I am.

For another, I’ve been trying to work on bits and pieces of the new site.

For yet another, I’ve been communicating back and forth with B&H to get everything prepped for the launch.

Oh, and then there are also a million personal things which I can’t blog about at the moment/yet/possibly ever.

P.S.  Did I mention B&H called?

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  1. Gaelyn

    Congrats on your B&H connection. I’ve been very impressed with their products and service.
    Will be interested to hear how you manage to fly with all the gear.

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    Isn’t it great to have a “sponsor”? I wish I could find one that is a little more “in tune” with my interests, but for now I’m happy with the one I have.

    You know one of the reasons I love you is because you’re a disorganized mess…one of the many things we have in common.


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