Creative Outlets

What’s your creative outlet?

Maybe you’re crafty?

Perhaps you build Swedish furniture in your spare time?

Can you sing like Adele or paint like Picasso?

Statue at Huntington Gardens, Los Angeles

I really believe everyone needs a creative outlet.

You don’t have to be good at your creative outlet, you just need to have one.

I don’t think a person can truly be happy without giving their “right brain” a source of communication.

Mind you, I’ve never thought I have an ounce of real creativity myself.

In fact, I’ve wondered if I have a right brain at all.

I draw stick people because I can’t draw anything else.

(I used to hate any drawing/artistic projects in school.  I begged my artistic brother to draw for me when it was required.)

I love to sing, but absolutely no one loves to HEAR me sing.

I played guitar for years but my skill was mediocre, at best.

Still, I’ve noticed I’m much happier when I let even my sub-par creativity out.

It took many years before I realized there are many types of creativity other than those falling under the “art” or “music” categories.

Maybe you have a flawless fashion sense,

Or the eye of an amazing interior designer.

Maybe you can do a striptease worthy of a porn star.

I have a long-time friend who transforms a corner of her yard into a stunning garden each spring.  Her creativity comes out as she works with her hands, digging, planting, and visualizing the end result even before she begins.

I know some of you are thinking you’re too damn busy to be creative.

Creativity can come out through our jobs, through our parenting, through our relationships and communication with others ….

(Although I do think our brains thrive on a “purer” outlet if given the opportunity.)

I was thinking about all this last weekend as I observed my three kids.

My daughter is compelled by her love of writing.  If asked, she would say she’s “not the least” creative because she’s not artistic or musical.  The creativity is there, though – in her written words.

My oldest son can draw and paint with an inborn talent few people have.

(Especially me!!!)

For him, drawing is as natural as breathing.  He thinks it’s relaxing and fun, and has no intention of applying his creativity to a job in the arts.

My youngest son can’t seem to stop “making music,” in spite of the fact he’s never had a single music lesson.  He’s constantly composing music especially when he should be doing his homework.

Writing, drawing, music … three kids and three very different creative outlets.

I’ve dabbled with a lot of creative outlets over the years.

Of course, the one I’ve always had –

Has been photography.

Fisheye photo of staircase at the Embarcadero, San Francisco

And by always,

I mean …

From the time I was 7 or 8 years old.

(Pretty much my entire life except when I was too damaged from the accident to hold a camera.)

What about you?

How do you exercise your right brain?

How do you express your creativity?

16 Responses to “Creative Outlets”

  1. Denise

    I like this post. I was never “good” at art and always disliked taking Art classes in school. No drawing skills, nothing like that. But I loved writing and it came easily for me. So early on, that was my creative outlet. Then, at age 10, I wanted and received my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic. And I loved it. I enjoy it even more, now that we have digital, because I can take as many photos as I want without worrying about the cost of film and developing.
    Oh yes, I can also come up with little rhyming musical ditties. I think I could have made a fortune in the ad industry some years ago writing jingles:-)

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    I agree – everyone needs a creative outlet, even if it’s just singing in the shower, or arranging the items in their home in an aesthetically pleasing (to them) manner.

    Me? These days I cook, take pictures of what I cook and write about what I cook. It makes me happy.

  3. Jane

    Great post on creativity! I’m not liking the black background, though. Too hard to read!

  4. Dorothy

    I write. For me. And in my blog, but no one is forced to read it lol. When the kids were little, we used to do crafty stuff but I didn’t make them up, we had directions. I used to crochet years ago, hurt my elbow, had to stop. I quilted for awhile but have been out of that mode for the last few years leaving a room full of supplies upstairs… :p I remember telling a professor in college that I wasn’t creative (marketing) but I could take someone’s idea and make it better. He told me that was a form of creativity. Cool! I love photography but only have a small digital and never enough time to go play with it. My daughter is a photographer and I tag along with her and get thrills from her stuff.

    As a side note…why is black the new blog background everywhere I go? It just makes me sad and the writing is hard to read, for me anyhow. It’s probably just me. Still love your blog though!

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Black is the new blog background? I haven’t seen it anywhere. I know my designers and I talked about black being better to see photos. There are still a lot of changes coming, and making the type/font easier to read is one of them.
      Thank you for your patience!

  5. Gaelyn

    Your photography is certainly creative.

    I’ve been through so many crafts and yet, like you, have held a camera since 8.

    • Twenty Four At Heart

      Not being able to take photos post-accident was so painful – and it was a type of pain I don’t think any of my friends/family could understand at the time. I think we’re so lucky to live at a time (and in a place) where photography can be a part of our entire lives!

  6. karen

    Much like you… through photography. LOVE THAT HEADER FLOWER BEE shot.. just love the composition and feel.

    Anyway.. I also used to play piano but my hearing loss has made that difficult, and I paint or draw when the mood strikes. I’m pretty good, but not awesome, and that’s OK… as you said.. it’s the creative release…

  7. Judi

    My creative outlet is baking, playing with fun recipes and sharing sweet treats with people.

    As for the new blog design, I like the black background, as it really makes the photos pop. However, the font needs to be tweaked to provide better contrast. I had to increase the font size four times to read it.

  8. Diane

    I find a black background to be uncomfortable on my eyes… I struggled to read this today, not only the black background, but yes… the tiny and fine font as well. Not a good change from the way it was prior. 🙁

  9. Jenn in Tenn

    I’ve always loved drawing and painting with watercolors…recently I have taken up cake/cupcake decorating…not the best for my waistline, but everyone else seems to enjoy it! (;


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