Follow-Up Friday

My friends at have an awesome contest going on to win a GREAT camera (either a Canon 5D Mark III OR a Nikon D800)! 

I wanted to pass on the link to those of you who might be interested:  Click HERE

I’ve been getting some questions/comments I wanted to respond to.

Before I do …

Can you believe it’s already Father’s Day weekend?

My youngest son had his last day of school yesterday – it’s officially summer at our house now!

 Regarding my post on aging – I was referring primarily to a person’s attitude, not the state of their body.  Sadly, gravity takes its toll on all of us.  (Well, except for Plastic Ken and Barbie.)

 Yes, I’ve had my share of web redesign nightmares, but I do feel confident about the company I’m working with currently.  Sometimes stuff happens.  For some reason, usually it happens to (or around?) ME.

 My arm is fine, thank you for asking.  Some days it’s very bad, some days it’s merely highly unpleasant.  : )   The Neanderthal does his best to keep me functioning as best as I can, considering.  I think he’s actually extraordinarily deaf.  He doesn’t ever appear to hear me swearing at/to him.

•  My plans for the summer?  I still want to see fireflies/lightning bugs!

 I’ve also had something come up and need to get to Oregon in the next 2-3 weeks.  I’m not sure what those dates are going to be, or how that trip will affect other places I’m hoping to get to.

 I don’t think they have fireflies in Oregon?

 I’ll be at the Google + photowalk in Los Angeles on June 30th.

 I’ll be in Hawaii for a short time towards the end of the summer.

•  What kind of filters do I use on my camera?  I use several types of filters.  Sometimes I use UV filters.  Sometimes I use Graduated Neutral Density filters and/or Neutral Density filters that aren’t graduated.  I will write a post about filters once the photography feed is up and running (so I don’t bore all the non-photography folks out there).  If my blog isn’t done relatively soon, I’ll post it here instead and bore them!

•  My favorite food?  Now that’s a hard one.  I don’t know that I have a favorite food.

•  Does Doc really swim every day?  Not this week.  The pump on our pool broke so I wouldn’t let him in the pool.  (And no, the pump breaking had nothing to do with Doc.)  Normally, if the weather is warm – he takes a dip at least once each day.  Pool pumps are expensive.  Boo Hiss!

•  What am I doing this weekend?  I have house guests visiting this weekend which means I’ll be very busy.  Speaking of, I think I better end this now and get a few things done before they arrive!

Happy weekend to all of you!

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4 Responses to “Follow-Up Friday”

  1. Linda M

    Just saw my first firefly of the season last evening while walking my dog. Luckily he didn’t eat it… Once I see one, then I know many will follow. Central PA is a great place to visit. Ever hear of the Central PA Arts Fest? Coming up in mid-July!

  2. Jan's Sushi Bar

    More guests? Good heavens, woman – you have more house guests than anyone else I know (says the woman who just got rid of one set and will be taking on another next week).

    I, personally, cannot wait for the post on lens filters. Just sayin’.

  3. Sara

    I can’t wait for the post about the filters either! I am visiting GA and their are tons of fireflies. I never get sick of seeing them!! We don’t have them in Colorado!


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